Welcome To Mindwhirl

Welcome To Mindwhirl!

Thanks again for joining our group!

We have the Mini Marketing Course being cued up and preparing to send itself to you over the next several days.

As a special bonus, we have given you special access to our video “The Greatest Marketing Secret!”

The video below is just a taste of the great ideas and information that we have coming your way. As you stick with us, we will be covering marketing inside and out, and you will be learning how to persuade the largest segments of your target market.

Shelly and I are the owners of Mindwhirl. We not only have degrees in Social Psychology, we get our kicks by testing how people respond to different scenarios. Like what happens when you introduce 4 options instead of two? If you make it hard for people to get to you, will they pay more? There’s all kinds of topics to talk about and frankly, we are itching to tell you.

So go ahead and watch the video below. I had to lock it away from the public because some may think its just 8 minutes of me prattling on and on about something, but the smart people like you will be taking notes!

You are going to see the value. It may seem basic at first glance, but let it soak in. Odds are you aren’t tracking. If you are, odds are you’re not putting that data to use. If you are, excellent! I want you to!

OK, without further ado, here is “The Single Greatest Marketing Secret of All Time.”

Best Regards,

Michael Miller

P.S. You will be getting a couple emails – one, which comes instantly, welcomes you. The second, comes “shortly after” according to our email server (between 15 and 45 minutes), and gives you an overview of the mini marketing course.

P.P.S. OK, you can watch the video now.