Stand-Out Marketing Tactics


I’ve talked a lot lately about ideas on selling your products and services. The reason is, I’ve been asked a lot in the last couple of weeks.

Everyone is trying to find unique and different tactics to get their products in front of their customers, I completely understand. There are so many products and so many people trying to get your attention that standing out in the crowd seems difficult. Not to worry, I have good news, there are all kinds of ways to stand out!  [Read more…]

Get Creative with Your Sales – Inspired by an Olympian


It’s that time of year – the Olympic trials begin! I can’t really explain why I have an unnatural love for the Olympics, I’m not really much of a sports fan,  but every three and half years I feel like I’m going to Disney World watching the trials and then the events leading up to the Olympics beginning February 7 2014.  [Read more…]

M5 – Micro Commitments

Hi It’s Michael,

Welcome to this week’s M5!

If you have children, you may have had the experience of your child asking if you were having a good day, then once you said yes, they asked you to buy them something.

Children instinctively know the power of a micro yes, which can also take the form of a micro commitment. [Read more…]

Make It Easy for Customers to Do Business With You – Sales Process


This seems like a no-brainer right? You have a great product and you sell it to your customers.  It seems simple and obvious to me, and yet, in the last couple of days I have been surprised at how hard it is to do business with some companies.  [Read more…]

The Art of Influence and Persuasion in Business

The Art of Influence and Persuasion

Attention Business owners and salespeople! In case you don’t know, honing your powers of influence is critical to your success and livelihood.

While that may seem like an obvious statement, let me explain why I think influence, and your power to persuade others is essential in business.

What is Influence?

I’ve read moving accounts of great leaders, who on the battlefield before a pivotal battle gave an emotional, rousing speech of such magnitude that 5,000, 10,000 even 20,000 men or more became united in one common goal. [Read more…]