Thoughts on The Challenger Sale


Part of being a professional salesperson is staying up-to-date with the latest thoughts and ideas about what is working now in the field of selling and what isn’t.

Just in the sales arena alone, I’ve read books explaining different personality types, I’ve read all kinds of techniques and scripts to use, I’ve read books focused on the mindset of a champion salesperson, and I’ve read books by people who think they know about NLP try to explain how to use it to manipulate people into blindly following your every command.

Most of the information is simply regurgitated over and over again, yet passed off as new, special, and different. [Read more…]

You Can’t Wait 6 Months To Sell Something – Sales Process

Mindwhirl Example Sales Process

Some of the business owners we talk to don’t have a sales process. In fact, 70% of all small businesses do not have a defined sales process.

I don’t know if these business owners know this or not, but you start a business to make money, not to have something to do.

You have to have a defined sales process because with it, you know where your customers are at in the process of buying.  [Read more…]

M5 – Use Sales Scripts

Welcome to the M5!

Let’s talk about the 5 P’s of Success.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Too many times I see people blaming themselves for not being smarter, more eloquent, or more persuasive.

It’s funny how we blame ourselves for the wrong things. [Read more…]

Get Rid of Jargon – Sales


It’s the end of the year and the lists for 2014 do’s and don’ts are plenty. I was reading through some lists of jargon that should be retired for 2013 by industry, thought it was interesting, but I had to leave for an appointment.

My appointment was on a construction site. When I walked up, I overheard the owner of a garage door company talking to the homeowner. He was telling the owner of the house that he could have a 4-4 or an 8-4 garage door installed. The homeowner stood there for a minute gazing at the builder. Finally, the homeowner said, “what’s a 4-4 and an 8-4?” The garage door man said “4 squares across or 8 squares across.” After another couple of minutes, the homeowner seemed to understand what the garage door man was saying. [Read more…]

Using Smell to Sell – Manipulating the Olfactory


You are in a rush to get holiday shopping done when all of the sudden a smell hits your nose. It’s CHOCOLATTTTEEE! That undeniable smell you won’t be able to ignore. You know what needs to be done, you must stop what you are doing and go find the source of the chocolate smell… NOW.  [Read more…]