The Trouble with Search Engine Optimization for Atlanta Small Businesses

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Remember the story of the Fabled King Arthur? After Morgan Le Fey poisoned him, he and his kingdom fell into despair. So, he sent his knights of the round table out on a quest for the holy grail to save the king and the kingdom. If I recall the story correctly, most knights died except for one who found, and returned the Holy Grail and saved the King.

The story of King Arthur is a fitting metaphor for Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses in Atlanta… and, well, anywhere.

It’s the quest for the Holy Grail. It’s long. People will die… OK, maybe not die, but definitely burn out… and it will require all of your resources (time and money).

I can hear the murmurings, “but Mike, Search Engine Optimization is supposed to be free.”

Lies! Bollocks! Hogwash! [Read more…]