Sales Research – Building Prospecting Lists and Personalization

What we started last week when we talked about data pools and where leads come from is continued this week when we get to know an actual prospect and prepare to reach out.

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B2B Sales – Where Leads and Sales Come From

If you’ve got kids at some point, you’re going to have to answer the question. Where do babies come from? Well, even though they’re adults, most business owners have a similar question. Where do leads and sales come from?

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Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Ep 1 – Marketing Your B2B Business Now

Podcast Episode 1 Marketing Your B2B Business Now and Excellent Customer Service During C'rona from Sweetwater 

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Google Ads Data Hub
Google Gmail Blocking Emails
Mindwhirl – How to Market Your B2B Business Now

Podcast Transcript:

Welcome to the Mindwhirl marketing podcast.

On today’s show, we talked about how to market your business now, share important marketing news, discuss our pearl of wisdom from the week and go over a personal marketing story of a company that excels at customer service and stands out in a crowded marketplace and now onto the show. [Read more…]