Could This Be a Perfect Sales Email?

Women sending an email - Could this be a perfect sales email?I recently got an email offer from NLP Times that I think is amazing. If you don’t know about NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, look it up. Especially if you are in sales or marketing.

If you don’t know NLP Times, it’s the duo of a friendly Irish guy named Tom O’Connor and Master NLP Trainer Michael Breen.

Michael Breen has some serious NLP chops. Which he earned through a type of indentured servitude to the Founder, developer, and creator of NLP, the one and only, Richard Bandler.

He’s got a very interesting back story, which you can find out if you are interested. Suffice it to say he’s good friends with his ex-partner [Read more…]

Marketing Example – Gym and Health Club Postcards

Over the past couple of months, we’ve gotten several postcards from gyms, who would prefer to be called health clubs.

Now even though one of these came in February, none of them took advantage of society’s natural propensity to choose losing weight as their New Year’s resolution.

Below we will discuss the ads for Formula CrossFit, YouFit, and Gold’s gym. I’ll tell you what I think is right about them, and what I think is wrong. But before I go into details, I want to point out that all of these companies should be commended for marketing to their local area. Except golds gym. Golds gym has been open for about five years and this is the first mail piece I’ve received from them, and it was only in response to the grand openings of competitors.

Anyway, let’s get to it. [Read more…]

Marketing Example – Starkist Tuna – Packaging is Crucial


In this marketing example I use the new Starkist Tuna Packaging as the example.

I want to start by saying tuna has never been my most favorite thing to eat  however, a couple of times a month, I get a craving for a tuna melt or a homemade tuna casserole and I use Starkist tuna for the recipes. I use Starkist Tuna because I have tried others and frankly, Starkist is by far the best. I really started enjoying tuna when Starkist started putting the tuna in vacuum-sealed bags instead of the cans. [Read more…]

Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – February 14 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from Barbie to Pink Goop.

1. Just when you thought you had run out of marketing ideas for your products and services, never fear, let Barbie set you straight. Mattel has sponsored Barbie’s new campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You heard that right, Barbie, a toy, [Read more…]

Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – January 31 2014


There are many ways to find marketing ideas for your company. I spend most of my time online and I run across a lot of information that gives me all kinds of ideas for marketing.

I decided to compile a list each week of these marketing ideas; they may benefit you with your marketing as well.  [Read more…]