Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Ep 2 – Aligning Sales and Marketing

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How to Align Sales and Marketing
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Podcast Transcript

Shelly: [00:00:00.39] Welcome to the Mindwhirl Marketing podcast. On today’s show, we cover sales and marketing alignment and follow the buyer’s journey from the top to the bottom of the marketing funnel. We talk about how it’s utilized by sales and help you dig down into what really motivates your ideal customer to respond. So without any further ado, onto the show.

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How to Align Sales and Marketing

How to Align Sales and Marketing

If you are interested in aligning Sales and Marketing and wonder how it’s done, the answer is simple.

You align Sales and Marketing via:

  • Content
  • Process

If that’s the answer you were looking for … you’re welcome..

But, if you want to understand how content and process make the magic happen, then keep reading.

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