The 4 P’s of Marketing – Product

Marketing Monday – Episode 2 – The 4 P’s of Marketing – Product the First in a Four Part Series

Hi Everyone, it’s Michael Miller again with Mindwhirl bringing you a new episode of marketing Monday where we’re going to teach you the process of marketing your business, and making a lot more money.

Today’s episode is the first episode of four, and it’s entitled the 4P’s – product, which is also another way to talk about unique selling proposition or USP.

I’ve got a lot for you to think about in this episode so, let’s get going.  [Read more…]

What is Marketing?

Marketing Monday – Episode 1 – What is Marketing?

Hello fellow Entrepreneurs, it’s Michael Miller with Mindwhirl bringing you a new segment which, I think, is going to be dynamite! A real winner!

We are revamping our M5 segment and moving from marketing tips every Monday to marketing training every Monday. After a lot of thought and sleepless nights, we decided to call it Marketing Monday. Catchy huh?

This is the first episode and, the reason I wanted to move to a different format is because I wanted to structure our marketing philosophy instead of giving you tips here and there. Even though some of those tips are incredibly valuable, you may not have the context to understand their value. I’m currently under the opinion that structured training will be more helpful to you. AND Since our number 1 goal is to give you the tools you need to make money and grow your business with marketing, … I think it needs to be more organized.

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M5 – Systems Examples and Resources

This month we talked about systems. You learned what they are, how important they are in your business and personal life, and how they form the steps that take you from point A to point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Odds are, you understand enough already to make use of systems in your life. But in case you need just that little bit of extra information,

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M5 – Benefits of Systems

Michael Gerber said in his book the E-myth, that you can’t get your 17-year-old son to clean up his room, or wash his own laundry, but McDonald’s can get him to serve lunch to 1000 people.

That’s the benefits of systems. Systems allow you to create simple processes that enable unskilled, or low skilled employees to perform complicated tasks at a high level.

Here’s the definition: [Read more…]

5 Ways to Increase Productivity by Slowing Down


If you are like me, you have more things to do in one day than you can actually get done. But still we plan, schedule and prioritize, each day, doing our best to get it all done. We do a pretty good job of it, but some days we try to push it, going past the time when our mind says “step away”, “take a break”, or “call it a day”.  [Read more…]