A Strong Brand Is A Big Advantage

brand strategy

In addition to separating your company from your competition, a strong brand also creates, what is known as, “brand equity.” Brand equity is the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it’s your brand.

Are BMW’s really worth $55,000 – $100,000? Are Hermes Purse’s really worth $10,000? Are Callaway Drivers really worth $500? [Read more…]

Ted Sarandos of Netflix Gave Sage Advice for Business Owners

Scott Eells/Bloomberg

Scott Eells/Bloomberg

I just watched Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, of Netflix on Bloomberg’s show Bloomberg West.

Ted spoke about the movie industry and how he sees things changing. He said that we all have to agree that consumers want more now. In the movie industry, the theaters are the distribution channel. That puts the DVD sales, and enjoyment of the movie on a mass scale off until after the DVD comes out.

He outlined two models for businesses in the future, which is exactly what Peter Drucker preached 20 years ago: 1) Force consumers to go through hoops to purchase and enjoy the products or services, or 2) Make the business about bringing the products and services to consumers when and where they want it most.
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Branding and Marketing Motivation – Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

(Photo from ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s The Secrets of Success Video)

Since I make my living on the Internet, using the tools of the Internet, I’ve learned that you have to constantly be on the lookout for the new technologies, new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new people that are making waves.

“Everything is Marketing!”

As I look at the world around me, I see that everything is marketing. I know I’ve been saying it for quite a while now and I keep repeating myself, but if you want to influence another person, or a group of them, you need to think like a marketer.

Marketing is confusing at first because its a word that seems to describe a process, or a division of a company, or a term for advertisements, or in place of the phrase, “the psychology of influence.” [Read more…]

Attention USTA: This is why I don’t watch Tennis!

Women's Tennisphoto credit: Not enough megapixels via photopin cc

I was reading as my wife was changing the TV channels looking for something to watch. I wasn’t paying attention, but I noticed I was getting … annoyed!

It was at first imperceptible, as all subconscious responses are, then I became aware of the issue.

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Who is Your Customer – Purina Be Happy Food for Dogs and Cats

Be happy pet food by Purina

Yesterday I was browsing through my drive way coupons (you know the ones; they are part of the flyers and the local paper insert thrown in your driveway once a week). Flipping through I was forced to stop by an adorable cartoon dog and cat. It said “Purina Be Happy Brand Pet Foods” with a coupon for both dog and cat food and text that said “at Target”. I thought the ad was unique and adorable. The colors used and the style of the cartoon dog and cat were nothing like I had ever seen in a coupon insert.

I decided then I would purchase the food for my pets the next time I went shopping.

Later that night, I had to run to Target for laundry soap and thought I’d look for the Be Happy food, what I found was surprising, all the Be Happy cat food was gone and there was only two bags of the Be Happy dog food left.  Obviously, the ads stood out to more people than just me.

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