How I Use Twitter


Ahh… Social media.

Everyone wonders what it is. Is it entertainment? Is it a way to network? Is it something else?

All I can say is, it depends upon how you use it.

I like twitter. Even though there’s not enough hours in the day to use it the way it should probably be used, I find a lot of value in it. That’s why in this article, I’m going to fill you in on the ways I use twitter.

How social media works

Before we get into how I use twitter, let’s discuss how social media works. I believe it’s important for you to know how it works, because when you do, you will be able to use it to accomplish your goals.

Social media sites get a lot of traffic, and they offer you the opportunity to leverage that traffic and direct some of it to your website, and your offers.

Each social media site has influencers, or very active users. If you were to become an influencer, or a very active user as well, you could reach out to other influencers and users and develop relationships with them.

Because they are active they will likely have large followings. If they know you, like you, and trust you, they will likely share your posts and links with their followers.

This is how you leverage social media to get in front of huge crowds of people. In this example it’s easy to see that it’s not just about your followers, it’s about the relationships you make with others who also have lots of followers. When you’re “friends” share your links and information they can drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website, and to your offers.

That’s the ideal social media scenario. Achieving this however is a long, and drawn out process.

The way I use twitter

I like twitter because it’s quick and painless. However, it seems like it’s impossible to get anyone’s attention.

Some companies are using Twitter as instant messaging systems for their customer service departments. Celebrities and authors use it to stay in front of their fans in order to keep them engaged. I use it to share my latest blog posts, curated content, and offers.

Every time I look at twitter, I see hundreds of posts, which is more information than I can take in. After five minutes, there is another 120 or so tweets that are new, fresh, and waiting for me to read. It’s madness!

Even so, 8% of my traffic comes from twitter.

I’m currently testing different ways of tracking and measuring the twitter traffic, and increasing the amount of twitter visitors to my site. What I’ve found is that the 10-4-1 rule works extremely well. I send content out into the twitter stream as many times as I can each day which I believe makes me more visible to my followers regardless of their twitter use habits.

All social media sites require you to broadcast messages and develop a base of followers. Twitter is no different.

Twitter is special because it’s fairly easy to get followers. Most will follow you if you follow them. So in order to grow your base of followers, all you have to do is follow 20 or 30 a day, give them a week to follow you back, and if they don’t, unfollow them.

Simple in theory. Complex and time consuming in reality. To make all this easier I’ve found tools that are extremely helpful.

Tools I use

I’ve found two tools that help me with twitter and actually make it easy. The tools I use are Tweepi and HootSuite.

HootSuite is great because it allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  LinkedIn and more. I won’t say that there are no bugs, because there are, but overall it’s a great tool, especially for twitter. HootSuite allows you schedule your posts. That means that I can spend 30 minutes to an hour and schedule multiple posts that can be delivered throughout the day. This way I don’t have to remember to post another tweet every two hours. Instead, I can set it and forget it.

HootSuite also allows you to create lists and filters on the Twitter stream so that you can see the people you want to see, and bypass the mountains of other posts from people who don’t usually have anything important to say.

While HootSuite allows you to get your content out into the Twitter stream, Tweepi gives you the tools to manage your followers. With Tweepi, I can add 50 or 100 followers easily, and I can remove those people who have not followed me back. Brilliant!

Tweepi gives you special tools to find target followers. One of the best ways to use Tweepi to find followers is to use keywords, and @followers.

Here’s how that works. Let’s say I sell financial services products. One of the most important influencers in that space is Dave Ramsey. With Tweepi, all I need to do is enter his twitter handle, @DaveRamsey, into the @followers field, and I can see everyone who is following him.

Now, all I have to do is go down the list and cherry pick his followers and follow them. Out of these, a significant percent, I’d say around 70%, will follow me back. Now, I have a list of people who I know are interested in what I sell. All I have to do now, is regularly post to my twitter account, and rinse and repeat the process in Tweepi every week.

In conclusion

As you can see, with the right tools using twitter becomes easy. Without them, it’s a nightmare!

While at first it does seem difficult for anyone to find your information in the constant stream of twitter posts, they do. When you post more information more often – there is a significant uptick in traffic to your website.

Even though I am not fully engaged in twitter, and actively waiting to read every post from the influencers I follow, I’m still able to get good results. Over time, as I become more and more visible, I expect my traffic to increase as influencers retweet my posts.

How do you use Twitter?

Are you actively engaged on twitter? Do you have a large list of followers, or are you just getting started? I’d like to know how you use twitter, and what results you are getting. Let me know in the comments section below.

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