Unfinished Business with Royalty Free Photos

Unfinished Business Royalty Free Photos

Marketers are an amazing group of people. You never know what they’ll think up next.

The one criteria all marketer’s have in the back of their mind when they develop campaigns is: “Stand Out!” Unfortunately, in a world where everyone is trying to go viral, that’s easier said than done.

The funny thing about standing out is: it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You can achieve world fame on a cell phone as easily as you can with $20,000 worth of gear, lighting, make-up, a sound engineer, and a director. Quality doesn’t really matter anymore. Creativity does.

That’s why when I saw these “Royalty Free Photos” with the actors of the new movie “Unfinished Business” superimposed onto them, I had to share.

Getty Images, iStock photo has teamed up with the creators of “Unfinished Business” to create truly average royalty free photos. Yours FREE for the taking!

Supposedly, they are giving away 12. 4 each week. I’m not sure if I’ve missed a week or not, but fun nonetheless.

Royalty free photos are typically cheesy and contrived – that’s what makes these great. They are playing with the genre and kinda thumbing their noses at royalty free photos. But Getty Images not only rolls with it, they embrace it!

It’s really perfect placement for the “Unfinished Business” movie marketing department, and a great co-branded partnership with Getty Images.

I’ve used the images in this blog post. I’d love to see what you do with them.

Let me know in the comments below.

How I Use Twitter


Ahh… Social media.

Everyone wonders what it is. Is it entertainment? Is it a way to network? Is it something else?

All I can say is, it depends upon how you use it.

I like twitter. Even though there’s not enough hours in the day to use it the way it should probably be used, I find a lot of value in it. That’s why in this article, I’m going to fill you in on the ways I use twitter. [Read more…]

M5 – Guest Posting

We’ve all been there. We invest time and money into our website just to have it sit there with no one looking at it.

After a while, it becomes obvious that the only way for the website to pull its weight, and make up for all the money you spent on it, is to have people looking at it.

You know what you need. You need traffic!

If you want to get more traffic to your website, one of the quickest ways is by guest posting.

In this M5, Michael discusses what guest posting is and tells you why you should do it. He explains that you can get all the traffic you want by leveraging other people’s audiences — you just have to write articles… lots of them.

What Do You Think of this Video?

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Warning! Atlanta Web Designer Spills the Shocking Truth about Getting on the First Page of Google and Why Most Businesses Are Clueless.


They say the Internet is a giant cash machine and that anyone with a laptop and an idea can make it big.


It takes real work and mad skills to pull it off and I’m sorry, but, not just anyone can do it.

It takes dedication, determination, and commitment to something that just won’t show any results for a while unless you have some cash to invest in marketing, and do everything the right way.

Which brings me to business owners.

and listen to me when I say this …

You are living in a dream world!

You are being sold on social media, and inbound marketing and you think you can do it and make a lot of money.

Now, it’s true … there are significant returns available if you do it right.

But …

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Friday Blog Posts – How Fabulous Fridays Are – Marketed by Mom

Friday Night Celebrations

I am often asked, “Do I have to market my company?” ” Do I have to tell people about my product?”” Do I have to explain to people what I do?” ‘Do I have to tell people about myself on my website?” The short answer: Yes! You have to market and sell everything in your life if you want it to be the best it can be.

The long answer is best explained by telling you my story about my mom who marketed and sold my brother and I the benefits of getting good grades, doing our chores, and staying healthy with Friday night celebrations.

It started around the third grade, my mom would wake my brother and I for school every day, but on Friday, we would be awoken by an, IT’S FRIDAYYYY!!!!!, yell of excitement. We would jump out of bed, get ready for school and be on our way. This was never how we acted on a Monday morning, ever. Fridays were different, they were fun and to be celebrated.

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