Small Business Marketing Course

Welcome To Mindwhirl!

Thanks again for joining our group!

We have the Small Business Marketing Course being cued up and preparing to send itself to you over the next several days.

Some of the topics covered in The Small Business Marketing Course:

  • Media Sales People/Yellowpages
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Who Are Your Customers
  • Offers
  • Media
  • Tracking
  • Understanding Internet Marketing

If you have any questions or comments through-out the course call me at (404) 996-1409 or email me at

Best Regards,

Michael Miller

P.S. You will be getting a couple emails – one, which comes instantly, welcomes you. The second, comes “shortly after” according to our email server (between 15 and 45 minutes), and gives you an overview of the mini marketing course.