The Sale is Won or Lost
in the Follow-up

That’s Why Your Funnel is so Important…

But if you aren’t using a sophisticated sales funnel, like the Mindwhirl Sales System, you:

  • Are losing money
  • Are taking too long to close a sale
  • Are likely advertising without a strategy
  • Aren’t able to track and measure your marketing
  • Are unclear about how to convert suspects to prospects, prospects to leads, and leads to customers
  • Are spending too much time and money on generating leads
  • Aren’t managing your prospects and leads effectively
  • Have periods of feast and famine
  • Are wasting time with unqualified leads
  • Have sales and marketing separate from each other and misaligned

( Assuming you are willing to take action… )

Here’s the Secret Formula to Business Success Today

The Right:

Products/Services + Message + Sales/Marketing System
+ Technology + Campaigns + Content


More Revenue & Profit

( Which happens Faster, Easier, & at Less Cost )

That’s what makes the Mindwhirl Sales System so important…

It’s the framework for a highly efficient, highly profitable sales engine for every business.

Add to the Mindwhirl Sales System a marketing automation technology, special campaigns developed using our Programming Sequences™ and our unique style of content we call Persuasion Engineering™…

And Your Business Will Grow!

We Make It Easy To Automate Your Sales and Marketing

Choose a Technology


We combine popular cloud-based SaaS tools to create an automated sales and marketing process that helps your business grow – fast.


We extend and multiply our programming sequence campaigns, then install them into the World’s most popular business automation tool and track the results.


We help you integrate Enterprise level tools that let you automate every aspect of your sales and marketing, then track and measure it all in real-time.

Then Choose Your Campaigns

Choose at least one campaign for each phase of the buying cycle: from suspect all the way through to inactives and social.

We Take Care of the Rest

We refine your message, develop the marketing campaigns and integrate them with your chosen technology. We then create all the marketing collateral and sales content you will need to step your Suspects into and through your funnel toward purchase.

We Are A Full-Service Marketing Agency

We Offer