What is a Sales System

I’ve been reading sales books for 25+ years. Wow! That sounds like a long time! Doesn’t feel like it though.

Anyway, some sales books talk about sales systems, but not one ever told me how to actually set one of those things up. You think Frank Bettger in “How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling” showed you what to do each day? Did Og Mandingo tell you how to pick up the phone and handle anything? When you learned to swim with the sharks, did you learn how many times you would need to call someone before they would answer the phone? Finally, while you may have heard all kinds of stories about the redhead and realized that a lot of the time you were guilty of “stinking-thinking” did Zig ever tell you what to do today to get more business?

I love every one of these guys. I cut my teeth on their information and they have pumped me up when I needed them. But you know what I really wished I had when I started out?

A f%#!king plan!

Every sales manager I’ve ever had said, “Here’s your desk and phone, here’s your list … go get ’em!”

Figuring out what that meant and figuring out how to sell — that took a long time.

And you know what? It’s not really about being pumped, acting enthusiastic, or focusing on being a “meaningful specific” – it’s all about a process – a system.

I think I’m a great salesperson. Well, I’m actually just decent – but I have a system. That makes me great!

I haven’t given everything away in this video because I wrote for 10 days on the main article this video supports “How to set up a sales system and sell using Insightly CRM” and wordpress started to melt trying to publish it.

So even though you don’t get everything answered, what I have included in this video “What is a Sales System,” is exactly what I wish I would have had when I started. It tells you how sales works and helps you figure out what you should be doing each and every day.

It helps you, as the old sales books say, plan your work and work your plan. But unlike those old sales books, this is actual “how to” information.

Enjoy! And … stay hungry my friends!

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