M5 – Use Sales Scripts

Welcome to the M5!

Let’s talk about the 5 P’s of Success.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Too many times I see people blaming themselves for not being smarter, more eloquent, or more persuasive.

It’s funny how we blame ourselves for the wrong things.

Actually, your results are due to a lack of preparation.

Maybe you didn’t know you had to prepare.

Most people don’t.

Of those who do prepare, most don’t prepare enough.

I’ve helped many people who were afraid to speak in public, or sell someone something over the phone.

In every case, they hadn’t prepared anything, gone over it many times, and perfected it.

Let’s do a logic puzzle with the 5P’s of success.

If – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…

Then – No Preparation Increases Poor Performance.

If you are in sales, write sales scripts. Perfect them. Memorize them. Use them!

About 10% of the people I meet use elevator speeches.

It should be much higher.


Because they work!

Script it, and perfect it!

Remember the 5P’s

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

That’s this week’s M5!

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