How to Prospect Using Insightly CRM

In this video I’m going to show you how you can prospect using Insightly CRM.

If you have read the article, you know I’m pretty jazzed about Insightly. It’s a really decent CRM. Sure, I might think I’d like things to be different and sexier, but in all honesty, it’s easy to use and it provides the ability to add a lot of business process semi-automation (read sophistication) into your business.

Any salesperson who isn’t using a CRM deserves to be broke. It’s just too easy to organize your work and sales using a CRM, and Insightly, all things considered, is probably the easiest I’ve used.

While this video and the main “How to set up a sales system and sell using Insightly CRM” article explain everything in detail, just remember two things:

  1. You prospect Contacts, convert leads into Opportunities, and convert sales into Projects.
  2. You need to keep track of the status of the contact, the opportunity, and the project. You do that with Contact Tags, Opportunity Tags and Pipelines, and Project Tags and Milestones.

Since this article is about prospecting, we are only concerned with Contact Tags here. You can add all the tags you want, here are the Contact Tags I recommend for Prospecting:

Lastly, when you import contacts into Insightly CRM, you will want to set up your .csv file with the correct column names to make importing a breeze. Here is a template .csv you can use:

Insightly Contacts Import Template CSV

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