How to Customize Insightly CRM for Prospecting

In this video I’m going to show you how you can customize Insightly CRM to make it really easy to prospect.

Insightly is one of the easiest CRM’s to use on the market and the best thing about it is really easy to set-up and import contacts.

As far as importing contacts into Insightly CRM goes, it’s dead simple. Just set up the CSV file column names to match the fields in Insightly and importing is 2-clicks and done.

The best part about importing into Insightly CRM is even though you can create different .csv files for Contacts and Organizations, you don’t have to. You can just import Contacts and it will make the Organizations auto-magically. Think that’s not a big deal? Think again! It becomes a huge pain in the ass when you have to do each separately and then associate them afterwords.

The other thing about customizing Insightly CRM is the ability to add activity sets, pipelines, milestones, tags, and more to not only track the status of Contacts, Opportunities, and Projects, but also to create business systems and processes. If you have read any of Michael Gerber’s books, like “The E-Myth” then you know what I’m talking about.

And while Gerber never clearly explained what he was talking about in his books, Insightly CRM gives you the ability to create business systems easily and get them to work in your business — intuitively.

That’s huge!

While you may not realize it now, soon you will because the Fortune 500 are struggling and spending millions of dollars to organize their systems; you can do it for your small business in a day on a free Insightly CRM account.

Isn’t life great?!?

Here’s some resources for this video:

Here are the Contact Tags I recommend for Prospecting:

Here is a template .csv you can use to import contacts (and their associated organizations along with them) into Insightly CRM:

Insightly Contacts Import Template CSV

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