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It’s the end of the year and the lists for 2014 do’s and don’ts are plenty. I was reading through some lists of jargon that should be retired for 2013 by industry, thought it was interesting, but I had to leave for an appointment.

My appointment was on a construction site. When I walked up, I overheard the owner of a garage door company talking to the homeowner. He was telling the owner of the house that he could have a 4-4 or an 8-4 garage door installed. The homeowner stood there for a minute gazing at the builder. Finally, the homeowner said, “what’s a 4-4 and an 8-4?” The garage door man said “4 squares across or 8 squares across.” After another couple of minutes, the homeowner seemed to understand what the garage door man was saying.

This conversation made me think of the articles I was reading about retiring jargon before I left the office.  There are many reasons to retire jargon from your vocabulary, but the most important reason is, to make your customers feel comfortable talking to you. They will feel most comfortable with you if they understand you, without how to continually ask you what you mean. The last thing you want to do when trying to make a sale is to alienate a customer by using industry jargon they do not understand.

The owner of the garage door company should have said, “you can have a garage door with 4 squares across each panel, known as a 4-4, eight squares across each panel, known as a 8-4, or no squares at all while he was showing the homeowner brochures with pictures to illustrate his point. This would have made the homeowner feel comfortable and knowledgeable of his products.

Getting Rid of Jargon Could Help Sales

Do you have jargon in your industry you need to retire? I know I do. The first word I will be retiring is “learnings.” I have always hated the term but everyone in my industry uses it. I won’t be anymore!

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