You Can’t Wait 6 Months To Sell Something – Sales Process

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Some of the business owners we talk to don’t have a sales process. In fact, 70% of all small businesses do not have a defined sales process.

I don’t know if these business owners know this or not, but you start a business to make money, not to have something to do.

You have to have a defined sales process because with it, you know where your customers are at in the process of buying. 

If you know that your sales process is a 6 step process and a customer is going to need some type of information or contact with your company at each stage in order to move them to the next stage, then you plan it. Once it’s planned, you can refine it to see if you can increase the speed of your selling cycle. Your goal is to get prospects to buy from you as soon as possible.

It may sound like I’m saying you should be aggressive with your customers. Let me state, I am not saying that. You should be concerned about your customers and provide goods and services that improve their lives.

What I mean exactly is: You can’t wait 6 months to sell something!

If your sales cycle takes 6 months, not only do you not have a predictable cash flow, a new product could be invented that makes your product or service obsolete.

Everything is moving at breakneck speed these days. With an economic recession, everyone is getting hungry.

Realistically, You don’t have more than 1 month to move a customer to purchase with your marketing campaigns.

Your sales people don’t have time to waste on a tire kicker. If a prospect speaks with a sales rep, they need to identify where the prospect is in the sales funnel and if the prospect is not ready to close, the sales rep has to move to the next prospect, otherwise, they are wasting their time.

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