1 Quick Tip to Instantly Increase Sales … and a Warning

I have one very simple tip that’s easy to implement and will grow your business exponentially – are you ready for it?

Answer the phone!

So yesterday, I wanted to contact home stagers and furniture refinishers to get three quotes from each.

Now how many calls do you think it took me?

It took 12 calls to home stagers and 16 calls to furniture refinishers … and today, it’s the end of the day, so far, I’ve had one return call from a home stager and one return call from a furniture refinisher.

So out of 12 calls to home stagers, I got ahold of 4 people, and out of 16 calls to furniture refinishers, I got ahold of 4 people.

That’s horrible!

Now it’s not only horrible because they’re losing business because they’re not answering the phone, but let me tell you something that seems like it doesn’t go together but will basically be the destruction of every business like this in the future.

There’s this guy named Ray Kurzweil or kurz wheel, however you wanna say it. He’s an engineer with Google and they call him a genius. He’s a futurist, and his whole job is to figure out how to implement Artificial Intelligence.

Now if you know Elon Musk, he’s the guy who invented Tesla and SpaceX. He said that he’s afraid of this guy because, technology grows exponentially – now bear with me here a second – remember thirty years ago, IBM had a computer that filled an entire building and it had the processing power of your phone that’s in your pocket right now.

See that’s exponential growth over the last thirty or forty years. Not linear growth, not one, two, three, but ten, twenty, thirty, sixty, one-hundred twenty.


Artificial Intelligence is growing at the same rate now that we have Siri and whatever Microsoft calls they’re Artificial Intelligence digital assistant – but soon Artificial Intelligence is actually going to be smarter than we are.

In 10 years, maybe 15, Artificial Intelligence will be so smart it could make all of your decisions for you.

And when it comes to buying decisions … think about this … it’s gonna be able to access the internet and know everything that’s good about a business.

Why you should choose them, why you shouldn’t choose them, what they offer, what the price is – you’re basically gonna be able to type a search into your personal Artificial Intelligence search engine assistant, and its gonna tell you who to buy from, what price you should pay, what the best option is for you, and give you the best deal. Now that sounds great, especially if you’re buying a car. Right?

But, it’s also horrible, because that means all these businesses like these home stagers and furniture refinishers out there, that aren’t answering the phone, are going to go by the wayside because no one will ever buy from them.

That’s something to think about!

It also means that there could be a conglomeration of corporations and businesses you know, in the fringes, that won’t be able to compete.

Essentially the Artificial Intelligence will tell you there’s only one option.

And that option, if you’re a business owner, better be the option!

So … Ray Kurzweil – scary!

Hey, thanks for watching. I appreciate it as always, we’ll see you again real soon.

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