PR Public Relations

PR Public Relations

PR Public RelationsEverything that you thought you knew about how marketing works, is obsolete. In fact, it’s not only changed, it’s morphed, transformed, and evolved into something entirely different several times over in the past 5 years.

PR is not just press releases. Not just events. PR has become marketing and marketing has become PR.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

I spoke to a radiator repair business owner. He said he hired some guys from Georgia Tech who started a web design company to do his SEO — but he’s not getting anything from it.

You know what? He won’t ever get anything from it. All the money he is spending is a complete and total waste. Want to know why?

His site has 7 pages.

He needs at least 100 pages.

PR, or public relations, has always been a way of getting company information out into the media. It’s a way of seeding content and news that is slanted toward the company, or makes an executive of the company an expert in some context.

Today, the definition of the media has changed.

There are the classic Books, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, and Radio, but there are also the new forms of media that the web brings.

If you want your business to stand out online, get leads, and make more sales, you have to become a content provider.

That content, then has to be “promoted” across the web, and classic channels of media.

Everything meshes together now. Content, SEO, PPC, PR, Social Media, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Innovation, Message/Vision… they are all becoming dependent upon one another.

PR is a tool in your marketing arsenal that you must employ. First, however, you have to have a message. Next, you have to create regular content. Then, you have to promote that content as far and wide as possible. Then, Google and Bing will pick it up and rank you for it. Finally, if you think it’s important content, you can put money, effort and energy into optimizing that content and getting higher on the search engines.

You don’t just do SEO. You do USP, Message, Content, Social, PR, SEO — in that order.

Now you know why the radiator repairman is throwing money away on SEO… and you know why these probably well meaning guys from Georgia Tech who own a “web design” company are clueless.

At Mindwhirl, we understand the pieces of the marketing puzzle, and we know how they fit together. But we also realize that marketing is evolving, changing, morphing every day. What worked yesterday, won’t work today. In just the past month, the research you could do on Twitter won’t work now.

Everything changes — quickly. That’s the name of the game now.

At Mindwhirl, we eat, sleep, and breathe marketing. We do marketing all day, then we study marketing all night. We have to. That’s the only way to ensure our clients get the best information and advice.

So when you chose a company to help you market your company, now you know who to choose.

Our PR package is dependent upon several factors:

1) A Remarkable Unique Selling Proposition
2) Regular Content Creation
3) Willingness to invest in a long-term strategy which can pay enormous dividends, even if there is no discernible result after 6 months of action.
4) Willingness to become an industry expert (engage media when necessary)

If you would like to learn more about PR, contact us, we’d be glad to answer all of your questions.