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Paid Search Package

Paid SearchPaid Search, or Pay Per Click Marketing, is the fastest way to start profiting from the traffic on search engines. Traffic that is already looking for what you have to offer.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective at bringing a large amount of traffic to your website, it takes a significant time and money investment while nothing seemingly is happening. With SEO, most of the time it feels as if you are spending money, but not getting any results.

Pay Per Click, or Paid Search Marketing is different. You can be at the top of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or similar in hours, but there is a cost associated with being there. It’s similar to a bidding war for placement on keywords that have a high volume of traffic.

Paid Search is important because it will help you identify the messages that are resonating with your target market quickly. When compared to any other media, there is no better choice when refining marketing messages and judging market interest. It also means that you can start making money quickly as a message that resonates pulls in customers.

Even though Paid Search is quick, it’s not easy. Several ads must be created which highlight the key points in your message. These ads must be compared and tested against each other, and a  winner, also called a “control,” chosen. Then, more ads must be created… to test against the control.

It’s a complex process, but with experts like us assisting you, inbound cash flow can start happening reasonably quickly due to the amount of traffic on search engines and the ability to test multiple messages.

Pay Per Click, or Paid Search is an ongoing project that must be managed. Peoples tastes and interests change; and the messages and keywords bid upon must also change to match those interests and tastes.

At Mindwhirl, we charge for Paid Search Marketing based upon a percentage of your monthly ad spend.

Because with Paid Search, it’s vital that many ads be tested against each other to achieve maximum effectiveness, all new accounts require an initial set-up – even accounts that are being transferred from other agencies.

If you would like to learn more about our paid search package, contact us, we’d be glad to answer all of your questions.