Why You Should Be Running PPC Ads Now

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Why you should be running ppc ads now

So the age of Covid is slowly coming to an end, but the questions I’m hearing lately are centered around paid search; “Should I start paid search again?” Or, “Should I increase my ad spend?”

With everything that’s going on, how important is paid search, or PPC ads? Should you be running them at all? Does it make financial sense right now?

Well, here’s what I know. The demand for managed IT and cybersecurity services has increased. More and more people are working from home than ever before and they not only had to be set up, they now have increased demand for IT support.

And, since more people around the world are locked up at home, it has given hackers the time and opportunity to run their scripts, probe ports and look for vulnerabilities.

It’s because of this that we are seeing an increased demand for IT services in every market across the United States. Some MSPs have had issues supporting this shift in demand while others took it full stride. From what we see, call volume and ticket volume have not decreased, it’s actually increased by a fraction.

To add to the complexity, when you take into account that some businesses don’t want service technicians to come on-site and some technicians don’t want to go on-site either. It makes it difficult to expect demand, and serve the demand you have. Which shifts your service offerings toward remote monitoring and support services.

All of this plays into your Paid Search strategy because if you can’t keep up with demand, if you can’t continue to serve your clients at the very highest level because of the current environment, it wouldn’t make sense to keep running paid search ads.

On the other hand, if you do have the resources, and you have the technicians who want to work and are willing to go on-site if need be, and you have capacity to take on more clients, then by all means, you should absolutely keep your pay per click ads, your paid search ads running.

You aren’t wasting money. If you are looking for clients who are looking for solutions and have intent to purchase, advertising on Google and Yahoo are great deal sources.

And what we are seeing is that while searches have decreased a little, there’s still search volume, and the cost of the ads, the average cost per click, has actually decreased a little for most keywords.

And as you likely know, the compelling reason to use Google Adwords and others is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If there is no demand and no one is searching for managed services providers or IT support, then you wouldn’t be spending money. No one is clicking and you only get charged for clicks. 

But, there is demand, and people are searching for someone to work with. And that’s a compelling reason why you should absolutely keep your campaigns running.

And another compelling reason for keeping them running is, even though we have seen a slight dip in search volume, the search intent is higher. Which means, they aren’t searching just to kick tires. They are searching for someone to purchase from.

So mostly, the prospects clicking on your ads and calling you need someone to help them now. They want to solve a problem that the lockdown has caused.

That’s why you should keep your PPC ads running.

You also have to consider the longer term. Once this pandemic passes, will you be positioned to capture the clients you need to continue to grow your business?

That’s another reason PPC is important and you should continue to run ads. But you have to realize, you can’t do just one thing. You also have to take this opportunity to keep investing in your SEO, content, and social strategies as well as aligning sales and marketing through content, funnels and campaign development.

Doing that is going to keep you three steps ahead of your competitors and ensure your business has a clear growth path ahead of it.


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Michael Miller

Michael Miller

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