Video Marketing for MSPs – Essential Video Marketing and Promotion

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Video Marketing for MSPs - Essential Video Marketing and Promotion

Are you ready to learn how to promote your IT service videos and get attention?

OK, here are the essentials of promoting your videos.

Your goal is to promote your video in as many places as possible to get maximum exposure. But you don’t want just anyone to see it. You want your Ideal Clients to see it.

 That means you want to promote it across the channels you own, and do all you can to influence the search engines to show your video when someone searches a keyword contained in the topic of your video.

In order to do that, we need to do a little set up.

The first step after you have your video created is to have it transcribed so you have a word document and an .srt file. We use It’s a great tool. It uses Artificial Intelligence to transcribe the videos and it’s fast and pretty efficient.

Once we have the word document and the .srt file, we publish the video to YouTube and use the .srt for the closed captions. It’s these closed captions that help your video rank on YouTube and Google which are the two largest search engines in the world.

Your choices to upload the video are YouTube, Wistia, Facebook or LinkedIn, but we suggest you upload it to YouTube for maximum exposure.

Now, once it’s uploaded and published, head over to your blog and use the word document  and create a blog post. Once you have the blog post created, which should include a featured image, get the embed code for the video from YouTube and embed the video into your blog post.

Your next step is to prepare an email to your list. You have a marketing list right? A list of people who have signed up to your newsletter, or downloaded a guide or other lead magnet, or are customers.

You want to let them know that you have a new blog post for them to view.

After you send an email to your list, you want to promote it on your social media accounts.

You’ll need posts and images promoting your video for each of your social media accounts.

We suggest you focus on Facebook and Instagram, although you could post to twitter as well.

If you want to increase the post’s exposure, you can boost the post and pay to get it in front of more people.

You can also promote it to your custom audience. You are building a custom audience right?

Once you have done that. You can take a break.

A day or two later, you can post it to LinkedIn.

You have options here. You can post the video directly to linkedIn if it’s under 10 minutes, which will make it more visible on the platform, but you also want views on the video on YouTube. So we like creating an article on LinkedIn, and duplicating the blog post in its entirety.

You won’t get a duplicate content penalty for this because Google doesn’t consider LinkedIn an original source for content because all the content is no-follow. So you can post whatever you like there. It’s purpose is to promote your content to people, not search engines, which builds your thought leadership, status as an expert and credibility.

That’s the video promotion process!

But remember, this process utilizes both organic and paid promotion of your videos. Paying is pretty straight-forward, but organic promotion relies upon you building an audience of followers who are engaged with you and interested in what you have to say.

So that means you have to put yourself out there, engage with people, like their posts and follow people. Social media is not a one way channel. People are there to engage.

Before I let you go, remember, I said this was the essential process to promote your videos. This is the foundation.

There are other tactics you could use. For instance, you could take the video and re-upload it to Youtube as a private video and then promote it through advertising in order to get it to a wider audience and encourage people to subscribe.

But these are more advanced tactics. And before I create a video on those, let me ask you … are you doing the essentials? And are you consistent?

I mean if you are already doing the essentials and not seeing the results you want, OK… you need some advanced tactics and you should probably schedule a strategy session with us.

But from what I’ve seen, most IT services companies and managed services providers aren’t doing content correctly or consistently, so they need to walk before they can run.

This is a simple, but effective process. To help you out, we’ve created a checklist that walks you through it step by step.

You can print it out and use it with every video you create.

The link is below.

And remember, if you are an IT services company, a managed services provider or a managed security services provider and you need help with your Marketing: schedule a strategy session and let us show you everything you can do to attract more leads, and boost your sales with a complete sales and marketing system that triggers your growth.

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Michael Miller

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