How to Use a Little Teleprompter

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How to use a little teleprompter

Video is becoming more and more necessary in order for you to tell your brand story and keep your readers, viewers and listeners engaged. That means you need to put out videos on a regular basis. But videos are hard to create. Not only do you have to shoot them, you have to  edit them too. There’s actually a lot that goes into it – but there’s some inexpensive tools that make everything a lot easier.

Okay so what are these magical tools? 

A teleprompter and teleprompter software. 

Teleprompters used to cost over $1,000 but you can buy this little teleprompter for about $150 on Amazon, pair it with an inexpensive app on your phone and it does a great job. You can use it with your laptop by setting it on your laptop and shooting video through it using your webcam. But you can also attach it to a tripod and attach your DSLR camera as long as your lens isn’t over 3in in diameter.

This teleprompter makes it super easy to shoot your videos because you don’t have to memorize what you’re going to say or work to an outline – you can just read it and focus on your delivery.

But having the teleprompter isn’t enough. You need something to read. In a television environment the teleprompter comes with a teleprompter operator who scrolls the text at the speed the anchor is reading. 

But this teleprompter uses your cell phone and an app called prompt smart Pro.

Prompt smart pro has several features including being able to listen to your voice and advancing the copy as you speak so you don’t need someone to scroll.

But sometimes it messes up – and what if you make a mistake and need to re-read the copy. Instead of pulling the cell phone out of the prompter and then scrolling it back and then putting it back, prompt smart Pro will pair with another phone and use it as a remote control.

That way if you make a mistake you can just hit the arrow and go back and start over.

Getting your text into Prompt smart pro is kind of tricky – but my process makes it simple. Don’t write your video copy in Prompt smart pro. I write it in a Word or Google document. Then, make a copy of it and take out all the line breaks. This makes it easier to read later on. 

Then, copy and paste it into my email and save that as a draft. Then I open prompt smart Pro and my email on my phone and copy the text from my email and paste it into prompt smart Pro. Then I save it and prompt smart Pro saves it to the cloud. 

Now I can open Prompt Smart Pro on any phone and have access to that copy. And I say that because I like to use my small junk cell phone as the prompter and I use my personal cell phone as the remote control.

So there you have it, using a teleprompter makes it much easier to create great videos that stand out, get attention, promote your message and enhance your brand. Sure, you still have to take care of the light, the sound and the camera itself, but having a teleprompter makes it easy to use those other tools and create great videos as fast as possible.


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Michael Miller

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