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Podcast Transcript

Mike Miller  00:05

Oh yeah, ring the bell it’s  the Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast with your host, Mike Miller and Shelly Miller here ready to talk to you about all the marketing information that you need to know. Today, today and for the future. All right. So I’m trying to figure out the sound. Love it. Yeah. Good job. Thanks. Okay. So today is a really cool topic. Basically, you know, I’m going back through my emails. Okay. Yeah. And I see a lot of other marketing gurus I guess you spell that like BenSettles would say goo roos. Guru, Guru guru. Yeah. So um, basically they’re saying that you’d be stupid. To start with, well to do content marketing, social media, waste your time with webinars, or do omni channel marketing at all, because it’s a complete waste of time.

Shelly Miller  01:13

Yes. Okay. That’s what we’ve been discussing this this week.

Mike Miller  01:17

Yes, we have. And the thing is, is, uh, they couldn’t be more wrong. Because these are the same people who say that sales follow up doesn’t work. Oh, yeah. Problem. Yeah, I think so.

Shelly Miller  01:30

Unless you just want to lose a whole bunch of potential clients.

Mike Miller  01:33

Well, if you can live off the 15% that you would get without follow up, then. You know, great. Yeah, go for it. Yeah, but you’re doing the same work. Why not get 25% or 75% more money for the same amount of work.

Shelly Miller  01:51

You’d want to, there is no sense in not going after that? I mean, let me do all this work prospecting so that I can just, let 75% of it fall away. Don’t think so.

Mike Miller  02:03

Yeah, exactly. He said he wanted more information. I sent him more information that should be all. Oh, yeah, he’ll call me. Yeah.

Shelly Miller  02:14

Sure. Yes. Because he’ll remember you in the sea of all the other 80 that have sent you an email about it.

Mike Miller  02:19

Exactly, exactly. So I think that this is a topic we need to nip in the bud for you. Like Barney says. nip it in the bud.

Shelly Miller  02:30

Good old Barn.

Mike Miller  02:31

Yeah. Hey, Barn. We’re dating ourselves. Oh, well. Yeah, exactly. I’m old get over it. Um, so the here’s the here’s what they say. The common objections to omni channel marketing is, it’s too hard. You have to write content all the time. And you have to do social media. And then you have to create, like blog posts and you have to do videos and what are you going to say?

Shelly Miller  02:59

You have to write about yourself. I know

Mike Miller  03:01

Oh, so hardest thing? It is it is yeah. But you got to do it, you got to do it. Or you can go get a job and work for somebody else Exactly. Do you want a business or not? They say that it takes too much time. It does take a lot of time and resources does right time, energy money, it takes all of it. But there’s a good reason for doing it, which we’ll get into in a minute. But let’s talk about their their point of view real fast. They say it doesn’t work. If you do it wrong, it doesn’t work.

Shelly Miller  03:35

Nice caveat there.

Mike Miller  03:36

Yeah, exactly. And then they say it takes too long to work. Well, does it work or does it not work? Right? The first so but if it takes too long? Yeah, it does take a long time. If you’re not doing anything, right, but the thing is, is that what I realized is that and maybe I shouldn’t give this away. But we wrote an article about how to do sales processes. And used Insightly CRM as an example. Yeah. Then reached out to Insightly and said, Hey, we did this thing on you. They put it on their website, right linked to us. And then we got we started getting all kinds of traffic from that. We did, huh, huh? Yeah, I thought it didn’t work. You know what I mean? Yes, sure. There are articles that I’ve written that haven’t. Like, I’ll be I’ll admit, I’ve written articles and no, my phone never rang. Really? Yeah. Yeah, I promise. And, and I put social media posts up and and I didn’t make sales from that.

Shelly Miller  04:42

You’re kidding. No. You mean you put a picture of yourself and nobody called? And told you they were gonna give you a million dollars.

Mike Miller  04:49

No. Can you believe it? No, I can’t either. Everyone should automatically know I’m the awesomest king of marketing in the world and just naturally wake up with an idea. Go I need to call Mike. Yeah. Mike and Shelly at Mindwhirl. Well, there you go. Let’s call him now. We’re gonna be rich.

Shelly Miller  05:06

Yes. And so should all the other people who wake up and put pictures up every day

Shelly Miller  05:11

So we should all be thin millionaires and travel the world all the time because we just make money from that.

Mike Miller  05:18

Yeah. Wow. If only it would be great. Um, so so basically so why would you say that? blogging and content social media is a waste of time and doing webinars is too hard You don’t need all that. I mean, you’re looking for a quick and easy win. You know? Yeah, quick and easy. Mm hmm. Well, I’m thinking about it. I’m going okay, so what in the world is quick and easy? That’s good. Okay. So the best things in the world that are quick and easy are like Kraft macaroni and cheese. Right? Uh huh. And it’s acceptable. And you know, you know, some people like it, and a cake baking a chocolate cake. Mm hmm. Right? You can make it from scratch or you can get Betty Crocker right and I know these are weird metaphors but this you know, they’re not marketing there need to be but stick with me

Shelly Miller  06:18

They’re metaphors. We all understand that burning cheese chocolate cake. I mean, come on, everybody. Everybody understands this.

Mike Miller  06:24

That’s what I’m hoping they do. Right? So think about it. Is Kraft macaroni and cheese or a Betty Crocker cake as good as homemade

Shelly Miller  06:34

absolutely not No,

Mike Miller  06:36

no way. Right so we know that but it’s acceptable right? In a perfect in those have been really well done you know over time over like decades they’ve been refined and and made to be exceptional for the quick and easy route. Right.

Shelly Miller  06:57


Mike Miller  06:58

But can a dude who does marketing give you a quick and easy route that’s as good as Kraft macaroni and cheese. They’ll tell you they can. Yeah, exactly. But it’s typically not.

Shelly Miller  07:14

Typically it’s not No.

Mike Miller  07:16

Right. So what so what do they say that you should do? Right? Here’s what they say you should do. Hang out on groups on Facebook and talk to people. You along with everyone else on the planet, right? Yes. I mean, I’ve done research in a whole bunch of different genres. And let me just say, hypnosis is like the smallest niche. Yes, on the planet. It’s one of the smallest I think bonsai is smaller than hypnosis. But together, there’s about 10,000 people that do it. On hypnosis, forums, there’s four people, marketers, right now. Hypnotists make like $20,000 a year and there’s for marketers on those forums, trying to get business from them.

Shelly Miller  08:02

Perfect example. It’s astonishing. I mean, how I don’t even I don’t even understand. I don’t know how they think they are going to make any money, I guess $10 here and $10 there is going to do it, and then they’ll be pushed out because they didn’t really help any hypnotist get anything, right?

Mike Miller  08:23

I don’t know, I have no idea. So but what are my odds if I go on there? And I’m like, Yeah, I really want to help hypnotist. Let me go on there and be the fifth one. Right? Exactly. Right. Yes. So now there is a thing where you look at a an industry or a market and you go, oh, there’s a lot of competition here. That’s a good sign. Because it means it suggests that there’s a lot of money, but you can verify if there’s a lot of money in that industry or not. Or in that market or not, you know, with like Google Trends you can see over time how many people are searching for This right people are interested. And if it’s not, you know, if it’s like 8000 people a month?

Shelly Miller  09:07

Well, it’s kind of fun. Exactly. And it kind of serves as evidence to support that those marketers can’t really be that good of a marketer or a marketer at all, you know, they’ve just decided, hey, here’s an edge. Let me just jump in there. And I’ll see if these people you know, have money to pay. They didn’t do any research at all. Right? So how good can they really be and what kind of quick service or quick win? Are they promising?

Mike Miller  09:34

Right, exactly. And just so I’m clear, the people that are sending me emails, they’re going after b2b businesses, consultants, coaches, you know, yes, and they’re saying that don’t mess with omni channel. You know, don’t mess with content marketing or blogging too hard. It doesn’t work, not even webinars. Okay. Um, and, and I just believe that that’s a disservice to everyone. Because if you, your only options then are call. Right? So you can call them on the phone. Mm hmm. No one will do that. No, no one does that. And not only do does no one answer the phone anymore. I mean, they do but it’s not as effective as it used to be.

Shelly Miller  10:25


Mike Miller  10:26

It’s still valid, but it’s not as effective as it used to be. The only way to make it valid is to ensure that you call nine to 12 times to each person. Right? But they’re not going to do that people want to call once he didn’t answer or I left a voicemail. So call, no one will do it. cold email. People like to do that. But believe it or not, everyone’s email isn’t available online. True, right. So you’re missing a big part of the market. If you don’t do that. It’s true. Right? You can advertise but here’s what It gets interesting, right? Well, and you can go on groups like LinkedIn groups or you know, hustle people on LinkedIn, hustle, you know, connect, do the whole thing, which is a hustle to me. And, and do it on Facebook as well connect with people, talk to them on groups, hit them up on messenger, that kind of thing. Um, that’s what their suggestions are.

Shelly Miller  11:24

Right? That’s their process. Right. You know, they go through this is what you should do to get a quick win.

Mike Miller  11:29

Exactly. Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s how you build a business.

Shelly Miller  11:32

Yeah. Okay. That’s quick. Right.

Mike Miller  11:35

That’s quick.

Shelly Miller  11:36

Because we, you know, have all kinds of times to go into groups, find groups talk to the groups answer questions, then you know, I mean, it’s

Mike Miller  11:43

right. Exactly.

Shelly Miller  11:44

It’s it’s a joke to me that that’s also considered quick.

Mike Miller  11:48

Yeah, it Me too. Me too. So, um, the thing about this is so what, you know, Mike and Shelly, what do I do? Mm hmm. Depends. And the thing that I hate about marketing is your The answer is always it depends. You know, people pay us good money to come in, and the answer is always going to be. It depends. We need to test because it’s marketing. Mm hmm. You know, like Frank Kern has a term for a for a I won’t say it actually but he has a term for a an ad campaign that works the first time. This is called an effing miracle. Right?

Shelly Miller  12:39


Mike Miller  12:40

Because in order to make money you have to test Yes, figure out what works. You can go out really, really good. But most of the time and you know, Master copywriters will tell you, other master copywriters will tell you, the first You know, the first version sometimes is a dud. And it has to be rewritten.

Shelly Miller  13:05


Mike Miller  13:06

Right. And the whole the work of copywriting is trying to figure out what part isn’t sinking up.

Shelly Miller  13:14

Yes, exactly. Right. Yeah.

Mike Miller  13:16

And what they need to work on that would make the case better. So anyway, here’s, here’s why it depends. If you’re going to be, here’s what they want you to do, right? So if you advertise a product, you can get people to buy it easily just without having to do content marketing. You can just get people to buy a product. Well, here’s the thing. Um, are you b2b or b2c? You can be you can be b2b and sell a product. And because the way they work it is they use a tripwire offer and they get you as a customer Once your customer you’re on their list. Right? But But let me back up a second. So you know those book funnels where they give you a free book, you just have to pay shipping and handling. Yes. Okay. And it’s usually like 695 Yeah, shipping and handling. Well, it cost them $30 to sell you that book. On average, it cost them $30. But the whole the whole purpose of that book, is to get you to the thank you page, which isn’t a thank you page. It’s an upsell. Uh huh. Right, so you bought the book, but there’s this this product, this addition that is only $99 and it would help you I mean, $99 Come on. So you know, do it if you’re serious. Do it. Yes, right. $99. Yes. Okay. Add that to the order. Since you have those two products, right, what you’re really missing is the full picture. Right, because what you’ve bought is you’ve bought pieces pieces. Exactly. And you need the full picture to completely understand it. Yes. Right. And that’s only 199. It’s a no brainer. Just go ahead and do it. Mm hmm. Right. Okay, I’ll go ahead and do it. Or no, I won’t do it. It doesn’t matter what you choose, you’re going to get the next one, which is what you really you’ve got all the information, but information alone isn’t enough to make you do it. What you need is an accountability partner.

Shelly Miller  15:35


Mike Miller  15:36

yeah. The coach, someone who’s there pushing you to excel. And that’s only 397 a month. Mm hmm. Right. Yeah. So after that, if you go No, or Yes, then thank you for your order. So they’ve spent $30 to get you to buy the book, but your average the average cart value of all the people who go through the funnel? Right? The average cart value is like 50, 60,70 $80. Yes. So they’re making the difference. Now, why is that important? Because think about it. They advertise to get you there. But remember these people say that content marketing is too hard. It takes too long. Yes, they do. Well, if you’re just going to sell that book, you’re gonna lose your butt.

Shelly Miller  16:33

You are you’re going to be negative.

Mike Miller  16:35

Yeah. So you’ve got to come up with the $99 product, the 199 product and the 397 product you share. Do you have to do all that? So how much work is that? Exactly. And how quick is that? How quickly can you get that done? I don’t know. How quickly how quickly can you get it like this? That’s like a year’s process. Honestly, so this is why it depends. Yes, yes, start with where you are. The other thing is you’ve purchased, let’s say you purchase the book and you purchase the $99 product and you said no to the other things, you’re now on their list. They just gonna drop you there. They’re just gonna leave you there.

Shelly Miller  17:21

You’d be throwing money down the toilet. If you did.

Mike Miller  17:23

Yeah, you can’t do that to them. You’ve got to hit them at least twice a week, if not every day. With what promotions? Hey, got this to say, hey, got that to say

Shelly Miller  17:34

that they can just unsubscribe because they’re driven crazy with promotions from you only.

Mike Miller  17:39

Right, exactly. Now, there is a way to promote every day. But it’s embedded in great information. Yeah.

Shelly Miller  17:48

Cool. Take your content.


Yeah, who would have thought so so

Mike Miller  17:58

that’s why you need the content. It is because you need something to deliver to your lead prospect customer on the regular right as they say. So that they can you can keep them engaged with you write so that you can keep them so that they will keep you top of mind. And what we’re doing here is we’re building a brand.

Shelly Miller  18:28

We are, right, yes.

Mike Miller  18:31

So everyone, so I used to be like really anti brand because it’s all about direct response. And I completely believe it’s all about direct response. But that said, we’re moving into a a time where I’ll just I’ll just put it plainly. Forrester and McKinsey, they’ve all said proven, you know, in in 2018, they, they predicted that in 2020 40% Let me say this again 40% of the US workforce would be worked from home consultants. Yes, self employed, consultants 40%. So how do you separate yourself from other others? What do you do to make people see you and think of you, when they think of, you know, solving a problem that they have. The only way to do it is to get out there and to I mean, I think the only way to do it is to get in front of as many people as possible. Talk about what you do. tell people how you help. Do it consistently. Mm hmm. Right, and then build a not just a brand But a character? Yes, right. Mm hmm. Like like us, because I am doing everything I can to entertain people on my videos.

Shelly Miller  20:10

Yes. You’re doing a great job.  They are very entertaining. The notes we’ve gotten have been people that were very entertained.

Mike Miller  20:18

So yeah. And I appreciate them. I appreciate them a lot. Um, and and that’s what I’m trying to do is to entertain people because Tony Robbins said about six months ago that we’re leaving the age of information.

Shelly Miller  20:31

Yes, we are.

Mike Miller  20:33

And we’re because it’s everywhere. It’s ubiquitous by now. Yeah. But we’re moving at what are we moving into the age of entertainment? Yeah. So if you can’t entertain people with content, Yes, exactly. Right. Then you’re not going to be they’re gonna forget you.

Shelly Miller  20:55

They are in it. Especially now. I don’t like to say that Because of, you know, COVID, but it has changed things, we are all really seeking educational and entertaining information. And we’re we’re even spending instead of just watching our Saturday night spending our Saturday nights looking for entertainment, we’re using stuff that we can learn as entertainment as well. So like our hobby, we like marketing, we like writing, we like, you know, creating new graphics or, you know, things that would generally not be a Saturday night topic, for example, right now are because there’s not so much content out there, then, you know, we don’t have any new movies because of COVID nobody was shooting movies, you know, it’s just, I mean, I think everyone jumped on Milan yesterday,

Shelly Miller  21:43

you know, like, finally something you know, so exactly,

Shelly Miller  21:47

you need to stay entertaining. You always have you always needed to but you especially have to now,

Mike Miller  21:55

right? So, exactly, exactly. I mean, I will Say that that are Friday night isn’t going out drinking in club and it’s staying home and watching marketing videos. But, uh, you know, but you’re right, everyone is having to stay at home and they all want to be entertained. And that’s what your business should do. It should it should fill that hole. Right. The other thing that people say is that you don’t need webinars anymore. You know, that’s a waste of time. Well, that it so depends if you’re a b2b business like a consultant, and you don’t have a webinar. I don’t know what you’re doing. Because you need to filter people out. Right? So the process is typically you get people into a webinar, right? So you advertise or send messages to your list or send messages have other people send messages to their list to get People onto your webinar, where you explain how it’s done and you pitch them. Yes. And then you offer them to purchase. Right? This is the sales process. It is the one that works, then you then you pitch them. And then you follow up with them. But remember, these are the guys who were saying no sales follow up. Yes. Well, if you don’t follow up after that webinar, you’re only relying on the webinar to sell and when they click the the button there while they’re on the webinar. But what if they leave? Right? What if they leave? You’re not going to send them follow up emails?

Shelly Miller  23:39

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you wouldn’t I mean, I don’t know how anybody could give that kind of advice. I really don’t. I don’t either. I mean,

Shelly Miller  23:47

I don’t mind putting my foot down here. I I’ve been in the sales industry for 25 years. Yeah. And I can’t imagine how many sales would have been lost if somebody didn’t follow up. I mean, half of the sales that are the group of salespeople I worked with, you know, in the 90s. They ended up getting because they kept following up.

Mike Miller  24:09


Shelly Miller  24:11

You know, and then that went through to, you know, early 2000s. With web design, you know, people, people just go Think about it. That doesn’t. That’s not a no.

Mike Miller  24:21

Yeah, that means

Shelly Miller  24:21

follow up. Did you think about it? What question did you have? I mean, I just, I can’t imagine no follow up. Like any situation. I can’t either. It makes me think it’s they they are saying it because they want to make people think that it’s okay that they don’t, because they want to sell them a product.

Mike Miller  24:40


Shelly Miller  24:41

I mean, it’s not okay. You need to follow up.

Mike Miller  24:45

You do. Absolutely. That and that reminds me I went on a sales call with this guy. Aaron, in Pueblo, Colorado. Whoo. Yeah, yeah. And we go when he does this presentation, he gets this presentation together. We go in And these guys wouldn’t even listen to it. Like they’re too busy to listen. Mm hmm. You know, and I sit and I, and after we got out in the car and I was like, man, they didn’t even listen to you. And he goes, you know, what are your chances of selling them? He goes right now zero, but those are the kind of people who always become my customer. Wow. How are you gonna do that without following?

Shelly Miller  25:23

Exactly. So he just told you, I follow up, they become my customer because I follow up until they do.

Mike Miller  25:29

Exactly, exactly. And that’s what a professional salesperson does. That’s what that shows professionalism and an experience. I agree. So you know, why would you want to make sure that you had an omni channel marketing plan, right. So we’re talking about doing all the core things but you know, that gave you quick wins, but also expanding out with content and being on omni channel, you know, let’s do Facebook. Let’s do LinkedIn. Let’s do Instagram and Twitter. And let’s do YouTube while we have our own blog, and we try to promote our blog out to other people, and we’re going to do SEO on it. And then we’re going to try to get links back and we’re going to work with JVs and affiliates. And we’re going to, you know, yes, we’re gonna do all of it. Yes. Why all of it? Because it’s proven to increase sales. It’s just that simple. It’s just that simple. It’s proven. Exactly. It’s proven like three x three times more powerful. And it’s also proven to increase customer lifetime value.

Shelly Miller  26:37

Huge. That’s huge.

Mike Miller  26:39

Yeah. So think about it. So you can make one sale, right? Mm hmm. And get $37 from someone one time. Mm hmm. Or you can get them to buy $37 every month for five years. Yes. Which one do you want? It’s obvious that you want to increase that customer lifetime value because if it costs you $30, here’s another way to make the book work. You spend $6, they spend $6. To get your book, it costs you $30 to give it to them, but they’re going to buy and their lifetime value is going to be $10,000.

Shelly Miller  27:18

It’s a no brainer.

Mike Miller  27:19

See? Yeah. then spend that 30 mm, because you’re going to get 10,000. So that’s the first thing. The next thing is that if, if customers see you, in more than one space, they’re more likely to buy from you. Because you need five to seven touches to get their attention to get them to purchase. Yes. Yeah, right. And that’s just e commerce. You need nine to 12 if your phone if you’re calling them on the phone, yes. Right. And it helps you retain more customers. So what I mean is that the customers that you get, they’re going to stick with you longer, that’s that lifetime value element.

Shelly Miller  28:03

Yes. Because you continually are in five to seven spaces that they continue to see.

Mike Miller  28:09

Right, exactly. And then finally, it helps you build a brand. And that brand is important. Because without the brand you don’t stand out without you being the front and center of your company and your company having a feeling of space a, an idea in the customer’s mind that helps you separate yourself from the competition. Without that you’re lost.

Shelly Miller  28:36

You are, yeah. So why why would you waste any of your time doing anything else, but this? Exactly. It’s proven to give you the best return.

Mike Miller  28:47

Exactly. So we say you got to do everything. And that’s all the time we have for.

Shelly Miller  28:53

So we’ll see you next Thursday. Thanks again for listening to the Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast.

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