NFTs Conversations and Always Be Selling

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NFTs conversations and always be selling

LISTEN to the Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Ep 45 -NFTs Conversations and Always Be Selling

WATCH The Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Ep 45 – NFTs Conversations and Always Be Selling

Podcast Transcript

Shelly Miller  00:04

Welcome to the Mindwhirl Marketing podcast, your source for B2B business building information report sales marketing, campaign and service providers and IT service companies with insider secrets to want to help you attract leads and sales and show you how to align sales and marketing. So you get more sales faster, less cost. I’m Shelly and Mike, tell them what we’re going to talk about today.

Mike Miller  00:27

Well, today we have a special short podcast, basically, over the last month, right we’ve had seven video shoots with Craig Taylor of CyberHoot so that we could create a series of videos every day for all of October, which is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. And so we spent a lot of time with Craig making these videos.

Shelly Miller  00:56

Totally friends now.

Mike Miller  00:57

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. We’re family now. And basically, like we had some behind the scenes things that happened, right. And one of them was I asked him what non fungible tokens were because that’s like a new thing.

Shelly Miller  01:16


Mike Miller  01:17

You know, like, non fungible tokens, and the metaverse are like a really new thing that are happening. And it’s not just you know, the metaverse, you heard of on Family Guy. Right. This is, this is an actual thing. So I was curious about it. And I asked him, and the thing is, is that it’s an interesting conversation, because you  learn what NF T’s are,

Shelly Miller  01:43

yeah, Craig is really good at explaining things.

Mike Miller  01:45

Yeah, he is .But not only but But what I’d really like to point out for you guys is to see how a natural conversation flows. Right? So it’s really interesting to watch, like a natural conversation, even though Craig goes in depth into what NFT’s are. Right? But they’re, you know, we tried, I tried my best to make the every video that we did during the month really natural.

Shelly Miller  02:18


Mike Miller  02:18

Uou know, but there was a difference that this head, and it’s interesting to see for me. The second thing is, so they say that you should always be selling and a lot of people are afraid, afraid to do that.

Shelly Miller  02:39

They don’t, they don’t want to be too salesy. They’re always afraid to be too salesy.

Mike Miller  02:42

Right, exactly. So how do you do it? How do you always be selling? Well, at the end of this, Craig naturally just sells, right? He like, you should, I want you to see it. And I want you to see how he just moves right into selling, you know, just go here, find this out, you know, do that stuff. I think you’ll enjoy it, because it’ll be really eye opening. There’s some things that you can take away from this, which aren’t explicitly highlighted, but I think that there’s more to this video than just what are NFT’s

Shelly Miller  03:26

Plus, you’ll learn what they are, too. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Take the clues of or see the clues that he how natural he looks and and how well he expresses his company and his product, because it’s a good company. It’s a great company. It’s a great product, and we should all feel that way about our company and products, we should and be able to talk naturally about it without feeling like we’re too salesy,

Mike Miller  03:51

right, exactly. And when you think about communication styles, there’s times when you have to speak at length about something. And this, this video will show you how to speak at length about something but do it in a natural way. And I hope you enjoy it.  I don’t understand NFT’s like I don’t understand why. You know why? Yeah. Is there a fungible token?

Craig Taylor  04:21

I don’t know about fungible tokens. I’d have to think about the answer to that. But non fungible? Well, fungible tokens are pretty much everything, like every mp3 you ever had on your hard drive is a fungible token.

Mike Miller  04:33

Okay, so you can share it with everyone.

Craig Taylor  04:35

Yeah, there’s no,

Mike Miller  04:37

I heard of people buy in like spending $100,000 for a gif.

Craig Taylor  04:42

Oh, yeah.

Mike Miller  04:42


Craig Taylor  04:44

And it’s, it’s, it’s called the idea. So when you watch the antique roadshow,

Mike Miller  04:50


Craig Taylor  04:51

Something that someone brings in if they can prove the provenance of that or is that the right word provenance of authentic Have it or it’s origin, like provenance, I think has a little bit more to do with like, for example, there was a woman there the other day that brought in three books signed by the author from the 50s. And it was one of the first published black authors in the 50s wrote these poems for children. And he signed in the instrument scribed, a personal message to the original owner of the book, that’s pretty guaranteed that that’s the provenance of that author giving those books to that person. And so you know, it’s an original, you know, it’s unique, and you know that it is collectible, if you will. No different than artwork on your wall, right, though the biggest controversy in art for the last 100 years is, is it an original? Is it really a Picasso? Or was that someone’s reproduction of Picasso, because if you can fake it, then you can sell it for millions when you don’t actually have the original. all intents and purposes, you need an art expert to tell the difference between the two pictures. So for the objective reality, it is the same photo or the painting, but one is worth millions, one is not NFT’s assign that Providence to the artwork, whether it’s a music file or a picture that says this is the original artwork and the only original of this particular photo or painting or what have you, in the electronic world. So you could and you can prove it through the blockchain. Because the blockchain doesn’t lie. It says that. Yeah. So you know, this is car number one out of the Corvette 1953 launch of the Corvette that’s worth more than car 100 or 200, or 5000. Because it’s the very first

Mike Miller  06:44

so yeah, that is I get that as I’m thinking all the sudden, I started thinking about, you know, how the NFL has the little hologram on their hats that says it’s an officially licensed. So basically, what you’re saying is you can get an NFT to certify the work of art as an original original.

Craig Taylor  07:04

Yes, that’s exactly right. Okay, in the art world, if you had the painting on your wall, and it was authenticated, or it came with its provenance on the back, you know, you have the original, and that makes it very worthwhile, especially if the artist is dead. Right? paint artists works go up after they die, because they’re not making anymore. But the same thing is not true has traditionally not been true of electronic reproductions of things. So if you’re an artist who works only on a computer to create your art, that art can be copied infinite number of times. So how do you monetize that? How does someone say I have the original, you couldn’t until an NFT was around until the NFT says, Yes, the artist says this is the original work, it will only be sold once. Banksy, for instance, is a electronic artists who has done a lot of different things. He sold a piece of art for over $100 million recently, which was a collection of you know, every piece of art he’d ever created, digitally imposed to make another image, right. So as all these miniaturized versions of his artwork, digitally reproduced onto a single page to create a new artwork, and he sold it for $100 million was incredible. There has been a bit of a bit of hype over it, like over hype and so people are a little bit gaga over it, which I don’t think will last. But for artists, particularly electronic artists, it’s a very important method of of selling their work for the value that you know, just because you painted it on a canvas and there’s only one copy of it that is ever going to be an existence in the physical world doesn’t mean that you can’t see Gauguin’s irises 1000 times on the internet, and there’s no value associated to the author for that. So NFT’s help with that.

Shelly Miller  09:02


Mike Miller  09:02

okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Makes a lot of sense. Now I understand it.

Shelly Miller  09:08

And why they cost so much.

Mike Miller  09:09

Yes, exactly. Well,

Craig Taylor  09:13

because you can also sell it down the road, you have the ownership rights to that original.

Mike Miller  09:19

Right, exactly. What’s weird is I started reading about proven winners. They don’t have seeds. They just sell plants. Well, they were thinking about selling seeds, but using NFT’s. And I was like, Why the heck would they do that? Now I understand why they would do

Shelly Miller  09:38

They are the originals,

Mike Miller  09:39

the other the originals. Wow. Okay, that makes sense. Okay. So anyway, all right, well, well, thanks.

Craig Taylor  09:46

So we have an article on NFT’s on our cyber security library, the cybrary and a video so if you want more to dive into that a little bit deeper, you can go to our website Search for NFT and you’ll find even more details.

Shelly Miller  10:02


Mike Miller  10:02

Yeah, that’s awesome. Maybe this should be a video video. Yeah. Okay. Thanks, Craig, I appreciate you. So we hope you got a lot out of that video and you saw what we were talking about with the communication style and how to sell naturally. But if you’d like to learn more about Craig, visit cyber also check out our 31 days of cybersecurity awareness training videos that we created with Craig,

Shelly Miller  10:35

you can select the cybersecurity playlist and watch all 31 days they’ll all be posted by the end of October.

Mike Miller  10:42

Exactly. And with that, we’ll see you next Thursday.

Shelly Miller  10:47

Thanks again for listening to the mind real Marketing Podcast. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Google podcast, Stitcher, Deezer or Spotify. Plus, check out my work on YouTube and subscribe. You’ll find a lot more marketing tips, insights and resources that will help you get your sales and marketing working together and moving in the same direction.

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