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Podcast Transcript

Mike Miller  00:09

Welcome to the Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast. It’s your host Mike and Shelly Miller is Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast. Oh, well. So, here we go today we have a really cool topic. I think it’s all about authenticity and copy. And we’re going to give you exact examples of authenticity. And so what do we mean by authenticity? I’ve got an idea. You want to go for it? Basically, authenticity and copy is telling your story, coming from well, coming from your heart, telling a story that relates to your target audience, right. It makes a case for for what you want to happen, or what you want people to experience, it can be entertaining, but you know, usually it’s to sell something.

Shelly Miller  01:13

Right. To write a book because it pertains to many things. But we’re showing you how to use authenticity and when writing content  for your business. It makes a difference. And, that’s the examples we have today. And that’s why I’m excited. I love examples.

Mike Miller  01:32

Yeah, I do, too. I do too, although we potentially risk something, because we’re gonna show three examples. The best like these are million dollar examples from sir Gary Halbert.

Shelly Miller  01:46


Mike Miller  01:46

Yes, I’m the prince of print the king of copy. So we’re going to show his examples, and then we’re going to take that idea and move it to a political ad. Now Doesn’t matter what your political leanings are. And that’s why this is dangerous because it’s a it’s a weird time. But this is like the best political ad I probably have ever seen.

Shelly Miller  02:14

It is for me, I feel like she is completely authentic.

Mike Miller  02:18

Yeah, that’s it. That’s why we used it. It’s perfect for authenticity, our topic today. Right? Exactly. So. So how do you write authentic copy? Right? Yes. How do you tell a story that entertains but also draws you in? Right, like one of my beefs with copywriters? I won’t name any names, okay. Yeah, I don’t want to do that. So, but basically, they say, the purpose of the headline is to get someone to read the first line. And the purpose of the first line is to get someone to read the second line.

Shelly Miller  02:57

I’ve heard this many times.

Mike Miller  02:58

So you’re staring at a blank cursor. Yeah. How does that help you? It’s Bs, it’s like complete nothing. And you would think that the masters of communication would be able to come up with a way to say it, so that you get it. Right. Because what I just said, I dare you to tell me what I just said and what it means

Shelly Miller  03:23

And even if you took a stab at understanding what it means trying to do that, I mean, basically, you’re going to be staring at a white screen or a white piece of paper with the cursor flashing for hours. So basically, it just hindered your efforts. So I don’t feel like it’s good advice either. I never have

Mike Miller  03:40

no it’s it’s a bunch of BS, right. So, but to answer that question, how do you write authentic copy? Well, if I said, You’ll never believe what happened to me yesterday. first line.

Shelly Miller  03:54

What happened?

Mike Miller  03:56

Good. Yeah. What happened to you? Yes, exactly. I was driving in the car. This lady cuts me off. Really second. Exactly. See what I’m saying? Yeah, pulls. Yeah, it pulls me in just a bit, but I’m telling a story. Right. And now I can take that many different ways. You know, I can take it that the lady was abusive. I could take it that it ended up being my adopted sister. No. I don’t know. Right. And so, you know, you can take it anywhere, but the thing is, is that you’re pulling people into your copy. With your story. Yes. With your authenticity. Yes. I’m humbled that But anyway, yes, your authenticity. So um, let’s see, you got to I got one. You want to go first? Sure. All right. So this is Gary Halbert. I don’t know which one this is. Go ahead.

Shelly Miller  04:48

Okay. So this one, its in  the title. It’s the amazing money making secret of a desperate nerd from Ohio. Okay, and dear to my heart. I’m from Ohio.  From the top, Dear friend, if you would like to make a lot of money very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read. Here’s why. My name is Gary Halbert. And some time ago, I was dead broke. My business was almost bankrupt and I couldn’t even pay the rent. Actually, I wasn’t just broke, I was desperate. Then one day, I came up with a crazy idea about how to write a certain kind of sales letter. It was not a chain letter that would get people to send me money. I was living in Ohio at the time and my friends laughed at the idea. They thought it was a big joke. They said I was a dreamer, and that I had no common sense. In fact, one guy said, I was just a nerd and that my idea was so silly. He felt sorry for me. Oh, yeah, well, I didn’t care. I still thought I had a good idea and I typed up a few of my letters and started mailing them out. And guess what? People did start sending me money and I use that money to mail more letters, which brought even more money. And I use that to mail even more letters, which brought in even more money, and so on. What’s the bottom line? Simply this before I was finished that one single letter pulled in more than 7,300,000 replies

Mike Miller  06:18

Excellent. Yeah. pretty compelling. Yeah, yeah. And and these letters go on from there. Oh, yeah. But these are the hooks these are the draw you in this is the authenticity authenticity. This sucks you in and moves you from the headline to the first line to the second all the way through. Exactly.

Shelly Miller  06:35

So, for example, that particular sales letter is six pages long. So that’s just two paragraphs of it.

Mike Miller  06:43

Exactly. Okay. So then I have one about losing weight. Okay. Read this if you’re truly serious about losing weight, high school student loses almost 600 pounds and now devotes his life to helping others get skinny Dear friend, if you have a weight problem, I want you to take a good look at the pictures on this page. Okay, did you do it? Well obviously can’t do it. It’s Bob. Yes, but did you take a good look at those amazing pictures? What you saw is a young man me whose life was once a nightmare. Maybe you saw my story on CBS live or Good Morning America. You may have read about me in the Detroit Free Press, the Oakland daily Tribune or even the National Enquirer? Believe me if you want to lose weight, I can tell you exactly how to do it without hunger without pills without low energy without giving up good food. And best of all, I can show you how to do it fast, very fast without spending hardly any money. Listen, my name is Larry Coker and not long ago, my weight was 750 pounds. I felt like a freak and I wanted to die. Three times my bed broke because I was so fat. I was only 18 but it seemed to me. My life was over every day I wore the same clothes to high school, I had only one shirt and extra large Mickey Mouse t shirt that looked like a tent. And one huge pair of sweat pants. And it was a size 74 inch waist. Oh, poor guy. I could only sleep on my back because if I slept on my side, my enormous weight would cut off circulation to my arm, leaving it white and painful. Each morning my family had to help me out a bit by pulling and yanking for five minutes. Geez. Then my younger brother put my socks and shoes on for me. I couldn’t bend over that far. I couldn’t climb stairs could hardly fit behind the steering wheel of my car and I had no girlfriend. What girl would want would look twice at a grotesque slob like me. I was too ashamed of myself to even have my picture taken for the high school yearbook. And after I graduated from high school, things went from bad to worse. Oh A nightmare it is it’s a nightmare. How did you get it? How did what did he do to turn it around? Yeah. How did you solve this problem? And then and here’s the cool thing about this is the dude lived it. So is he an expert? He’s not a medical doctor. And he says that he’s not a medical doctor, but he lived it, but he lived it. And he does have the pictures.

Shelly Miller  09:21

Right, so there’s no guessing. Is he making this up? Is this not true? No, he really did weigh that much. Right? Obviously, that was a while ago, because an extra large shirt wouldn’t fit on a 720 pound man.

Mike Miller  09:35

That’s. It’s true. Well, actually, well, this was probably 90. Exactly. This was written. Yeah. But, um, it just goes to show you how you pull them in. So you know, you think about Okay, I got to write a sales letter. What do I write? Right? Mm hmm. What’s your story? What is it? Who are you? How did you come at this and that’s the thing about this is this dude isn’t it isn’t an i don’t think many of these people that Gary wrote for are like medical doctors who have diet plans. Now from the letters I’ve written, I mean, I’ve I’ve read, there have been a few that were doctors, but most of them are just humans that have had these issues and found the answers to them. Exactly. And what’s funny is, is it’s more because it’s authentic. Mm hmm. It’s more endearing. Right. It’s more powerful. It’s more persuasive.

Shelly Miller  10:27

It is. And it’s also easier to write when you have a story before you start writing. Yeah, you know, that makes writing so much easier when you  think about how does this pertain to me, or how did I learn about this, this thing or this, even like we were doing right now, social media, to write about that to write articles or emails about it. Do you have a story, you know, it helps you to write any sales content.

Mike Miller  10:56

Yes, exactly. The story. Exactly. And And just keep leaning back on that story. Yeah. Because it’s, it’s what relates to people it is. And it’s the I think it’s the authenticity that connects.

Shelly Miller  11:11

I think so too. I definitely think that it’s what what adds to that connection? Because  you’re not the only one with this problem, right? So people can relate.

Mike Miller  11:22

Exactly. And for some reason, if you tell, like, I was a freak, and I wanted to die, you know, that’s heavy stuff. It is, but it’s powerful. It is. And you would think that people go, you are a freak. You should die. Yeah, right. people on the internet would say that. But that’s not how people actually respond.

Shelly Miller  11:48

No, they don’t, they actually respond that wow, this person is laying everything on the line. He’s putting it all out there for us, you know, giving us his entire experience of something. So It makes you want to know more. Right?  draws you in.

Mike Miller  12:04

Yeah. Yeah. All right. So what was the other one?

Shelly Miller  12:07

So this one’s also weight loss and it. So here, I’ll just start here. If you’d like to lose weight for real and do it extremely fast, up to 10 pounds of fat and fluid, each fluid in two days, then up to one pound a day until you reach your goal. This is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Mike Miller  12:27

I think I’ve heard that before. Yeah.

Shelly Miller  12:30

Maybe. Here’s why. The woman you see in the picture is Deborah Scott. She is a 57 year old swimsuit model. She was born on March 24 1950. She has two children. Her son Daniel is 34 and her daughter Rachel is 36. She has six grandchildren between the ages of two and 11. You’ve probably seen her swimsuit photographs and Ocean Drive and Mademoiselle magazines, as well as city and shore city link destiny and playbill magazines. Her photos have people All over Europe, especially in Paris or deburr recently finished a photoshoot for the hotel clothing catalog. As you know, a huge percentage of the world’s adult population is overweight. You may think models such as Deborah and other famous personalities don’t ever have to worry about weight problems. But that is simply not true. In fact, quite often, they have to lose weight and lose it extremely fast. Sometimes losing weight for models is not an option because their jobs depend on. You see, if they show up for a photoshoot with a few extra pounds over their normal weight, the camera will pick up pick it up and magnify it, then they might lose their careers forever. But for years, there has been almost top there, there have been almost top secret collection of supermodel diet secrets, which only a very lucky few top models know about and use to get them fast and remain slim enough to continue their careers. These secrets are truly amazing. Not only do they produce extremely fast weight loss, they promote in creased youthfulness, health and energy at the same time. But of course, these secrets work almost like magic. For years, Deborah has felt it was a shame ever. I’m sorry, waits it forever. For years, Deborah has felt it was a shame everyone in America didn’t have access to the secrets, especially since so many people struggle with weight problems. And so she has finally decided to do something about this weight loss. Whoo, this situation, Deborah has put every last one of these top secret weight loss tricks for losing weight and promoting health and to a small, easy to read book. The book is called Top Model secrets and she is giving away a small number of copies absolutely 100% free. Well, here are some of the remarkable diet secrets you’ll find in this book. And then it goes on again, you know, seven pages of bullet points and her experience and how you’ll lose weight fast. It’s you know, yeah, really, where’s this book at? Yeah, actually. So

Mike Miller  14:57

Think about that. So this wasn’t Debra right in this the story herself, right? It was a third person writing the story about Deborah. Right? But it’s still very personal.

Shelly Miller  15:08

You can tell that person interviewed Deborah, and Deborah gave this information.

Mike Miller  15:12

Right, exactly. And the cool thing about that is that there’s two powerful statements or thoughts. Yes. Make a case. Mm hmm. And that is that she has to remain thin to keep her job. Right.

Shelly Miller  15:31

And even a little bit of extra pounds shows up on the camera, so she has to know how to lose it fast.

Mike Miller  15:37

Yeah. Which gives her expertise. It does. Yeah, it isn’t, you know, common. Yeah. And there’s a secret. Yes, that only those people who do this know. Yes. It’s kind of like if I told you like if the plastic surgeon who does the Kardashians Yeah, you know what I mean?

Shelly Miller  15:59

Plastic Surgeons no way.

Mike Miller  16:02

staff and you know, well, either that or they just are aliens and they’re able to completely shape shift their faces anytime. Yes. So I mean cuz I’m teasing. You look at them and they’re like completely different people right? But completely different people. But where’s the lines? Where’s the scars? Where’s the botched?

Shelly Miller  16:21

Yes, exactly there is none.  These those plastic surgeons are amazing.

Mike Miller  16:25

Yeah, exactly. So that’s the kind of thing we’re saying they have secrets that you don’t know. Yes, you want to know, but you don’t know. Right? But we’re gonna give it away to you in this case. Absolutely. 100% free. Yes. Aren’t you already sold? Yeah, I want to know what it is.

Shelly Miller  16:44

I do.

Mike Miller  16:46

Yeah, exactly. So, I mean, it’s. It’s really interesting to note how all of these stories are woven. It is with personal information. personal stories, but also making solid cases. Yes. No. They really hit home. They do. Like there was another one he wrote about fake diamonds, or manufactured, what do you call them simulated? simulated diamonds. So he said that they basically went to the New York diamond exchange. And they showed the diamonds to remember yeah to 40 different experts, and only two or three could tell that they weren’t real. Right. So then the case is, if the experts can’t tell it’s fake. Your girlfriend’s won’t be able to tell that it’s simulated. Yes. So now you can walk around with diamonds that look like diamonds. You can look rich without spending all the money and your girlfriend’s will never know. Yes, yeah.

Shelly Miller  17:58

I love that. Go to lunch with the ladies. All your girlfriend’s and they won’t know that the ring you have is not real

Mike Miller  18:04

Exactly, exactly. It looks that good,

Shelly Miller  18:06

Which was also intriguing to me.

Mike Miller  18:08

Oh, right. Exactly. They pulled me in. Me too. Well, I was like, what a brilliant case it is, you know. And then he also made a case in that one. I know, we’re not talking about the ones we just read. But he made a case in that one. That was these were manufactured for rich people, because rich people have to insure their diamonds. And when they wear them, they have to pay an extra fee. So they have to keep them in the bank. So they got to go to the bank to get them and then when they pull them out, they have to pay an extra fee to the insurance company just to be able to wear them. So what they did was have copies made that they could wear all the time

Shelly Miller  18:47

And with the simulated diamond.

Mike Miller  18:48

yeah. So I mean, no fees. Yeah, it’s not a persuasive case. But it kind of says that you’re just like the rich people.

Shelly Miller  18:56

Well, that’s it. That’s another form of writing that I love from Gary that he does so well. Most of us don’t have rings that we need to insure, that stay in the bank and you know that we get fees, because we took them out to wear. But that story made us feel like well, the rich people are wearing these rings I can wear this ring to.  It was just more evidence. And it was evidence provided in an interesting way. So it worked well.

Mike Miller  19:25

Yeah, exactly. It did. All this stuff does that. It does. And so now I want to play a and I have to set it up cue this thing. I want to play the commercial. It’s a it’s a campaign ad for Kim classic. Yes. who’s running as a Republican in Baltimore. Mm hmm. Okay, so this is about of the times but the thing is is and a lot of the evidence You can’t see in this is in the video, which we play, which I’ll have in the podcast copy that’s on YouTube. Right. So you’ll see it there. But the evidence is the buildings in Baltimore.

Shelly Miller  20:16

Right and her story. I mean, we had to when we heard it, we had to put it in this this week’s podcast because she is so authentic. I mean, it doesn’t matter your political view when you hear her you can tell that it is in her heart. The message that she’s giving .

Mike Miller  20:33

Right, right, that’s why we’re using it as an example. Exactly. So don’t get mad at me because America, you know, but anyway, this is uh, this is Kim classics. Commercial, so let’s hear it.

AD  20:52

You care about black lives. The people that run Baltimore don’t, I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this.

Mike Miller  21:03

This is pictures of the city destroyed

AD  21:08

I’m Kim Klasick. This is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is the reality for black people every single day, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. Baltimore’s been run by the democrat party for 53 years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America. The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the US average. The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20%. Homicide, drug and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city. Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people who make up 60% of the population. So why don’t we care about our community The Democratic Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walk the streets like I do, they will see exactly how their policies and corruption affects that. If they don’t want to see it, they don’t want you to see this. Go to any Baltimore neighborhood and ask this question. Do you want to defend the police? No,

AD  22:20

no, absolutely not. I had three sons killed in Baltimore City. And I think if we defended a police officer swimming worse than that, so no, I’m opposed to that. What are you going to defend the police? Why? How do you defend your city? Your Community isn’t losing people.


It’s not just Baltimore. The worst place for a black person to live in America is a democrat controlled city. It’s 2020 navel blue city where black people’s lives have gotten better. Try our wait. Look at this. How are children supposed to live here and play here? Democrats think black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever, that we won’t demand better, and that will keep voting for them forever, despite what they’ve done to our families and our community. Are they right? I’m completely sick. And I’m running for congress because I actually care about black lives. All Black Lives Matter. Our communities matter. Baltimore matters. And black people don’t have to vote Democrat.

Mike Miller  23:29

Yep. So what that does is it paints a picture. It does doesn’t it frame it sets a frame around her beliefs and what she wants to get forward. Right to, to push forward and promote. So the thing about it is she used or whoever did this with her, was a genius. I wish I knew who it was. They used Not just and it’s a video, you know, but then she used not just the scenes of the streets where there’s no one and the houses are ruined sand, you know, destroyed and abandoned and abandoned Iraq and trashed. Exactly. And, you know, homeless everywhere. But she also then asked the people who live there, yes. Right.

Shelly Miller  24:27

Yes, very compelling.

Mike Miller  24:28

Right. It is and then she’s an African American. So which I hate having to say, you know, it’s Kim Klasick That should be it. But in this case, it’s important to say that she’s an African American. So she has her own personal story. It’s connected with her personally. Yes. Right. And that’s what that’s what makes it often authentic. And that’s what all this comes He does. So that’s why we wanted to put together this podcast. Because if you think about how to position and frame your message, it’s likely done around your story.

Shelly Miller  25:19

It is, and it should be done around your story,

Mike Miller  25:22

yeah, it should be done around you. Thank you. Now what and then what’s required for a story? A character? Yeah, there has to be somebody who is the desperate nerd. Somebody who is the high school student who lost 600 pounds. Someone you know what I mean?

Shelly Miller  25:40

Someone who lives in Baltimore who truly wants to change it

Mike Miller  25:43

Exactly. Right. And who has a passion which every business owner should have for their business? I mean, I know it’s hard to get into a grind and you get in the trenches and all that stuff and over time, but You should have an underlying passion for your business that that propels you forward a story that you want to share with the world.

Shelly Miller  26:07

Definitely. I agree.

Mike Miller  26:09

Yeah. And so I guess we’re suggesting that you should share it. And that’s how you be authentic and that’ll pull that’ll pull people to you. And you’ll make a lot of money because every one of these letters that we read from Gary Halbert are multi million dollar winners.

Shelly Miller  26:28

They are. So I think that’s it for this week.

Mike Miller  26:30

I do too.

Shelly Miller  26:31

So we’ll see you next Thursday.

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