Ep 27 – Should MSPs Do Video Marketing

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Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Mindwhirl Marketing podcast with your hosts, Mike and Shelly Miller, your source for b2b business building information, or we talk sales and marketing and give you the insider secrets you need to know to grow your business. We want to help you attract leads and sales and show you how to align sales and marketing. So you get more sales faster with less cost.

Mike Miller  00:29

And alignments the key

Shelly Miller  00:31

Yes alignments the key

Mike Miller  00:31

 just since I’m saying that every week now

Shelly Miller  00:32

it’s your thang

Mike Miller  00:37

 yes its my thang. All the other thing Yeah, all the sudden. Yeah, well, that’s

Shelly Miller  00:42

it for now. Yeah. All right. Next changes you want to Yeah,

Mike Miller  00:46

there we go. So tune in next week to see what I say.

Shelly Miller  00:49

Yeah. You just never know.

Mike Miller  00:50

Whoo. I know. Right. Okay, so this week, we’re talking about video marketing. Yes. Video

Shelly Miller  00:58


Mike Miller  00:58

Yes. Especially for msps. You know, should you do it? Why would you do it? Good questions. What can you expect from it? Exactly. Right. So let’s get into it.

Shelly Miller  01:13

Sounds good.

Mike Miller  01:14

All right. So the thing is, is everybody in the MSP space should be familiar with Lawrence Systems. And he’s got a huge YouTube channel. And he’s using that, you know, according to him, you know, the videos I’ve watched, he’s saying that he gets most of his leads now from his YouTube. He did. But that wasn’t the case for the first, like three years.

Shelly Miller  01:41

And that’s a good point as well.

Mike Miller  01:43

Yeah. So should you do video marketing on YouTube? The short answer is yes.

Shelly Miller  01:52

Yes, you should.

Mike Miller  01:54

But you also have to expect it to take, you know, a while

Shelly Miller  02:01

you should.

Mike Miller  02:02

It’s like, it’s, it’s I posted this on Instagram this week. It’s like a freight train. It takes a while to get going. But once it does, it’s hard to stop.

Shelly Miller  02:11

It’s the truth.

Mike Miller  02:12

Yeah, the truth. Yeah. Because remember, you can’t just do one thing, you have to do multiple things.

Mike Miller  02:18


Mike Miller  02:19

Video is a big part of your content strategy. So and this is an important point. Everyone wants to do social media, you there’s social media companies out there that will sell you social media services, just like there’s Facebook ad companies that will sell you Facebook ads. But the problem is, what are you going to put on social media? What are you going to advertise?

Shelly Miller  02:48

We’re gonna throw ads up?

Mike Miller  02:49

Yeah, let’s let’s do ads.

Shelly Miller  02:50

Let’s do ads. Let’s

Mike Miller  02:51

do social.

Shelly Miller  02:53

And let’s just have him click and go nowhere.

Mike Miller  02:55

Exactly. Let’s go. And we’ll send them to the homepage, we’ll send them to the homepage, they’ll get all kinds of results from that. No, you won’t, you won’t get anything from that. And the thing is, is on social, you know, you think, well, I’ll put social content up, you know, what the best content is? your content. So like, you write a blog post, you do a video. That’s what should go on social.

Shelly Miller  03:21

Exactly. You know, if

Mike Miller  03:22

you do an interview, or you interview someone else, you do a podcast. That’s what goes on social. So video is a huge part of that. And,

Shelly Miller  03:33

and, and it takes on many forms. You know, it’s not just a YouTube channel, right? It’s it’s many, it takes many formats, so that you can use video in.

Mike Miller  03:46

Yeah, absolutely. Like, we got a list of them. You know, but before we get into it, you know, and what you could do? I don’t know, well, maybe it’s the time to get into it. Maybe it is. Yeah. All right, well

Shelly Miller  03:58

get them thinking about all of the ways that they can use video. So you’re not just sitting there thinking, Oh, my God, you mean, I have to start a YouTube channel and start making you know, these huge long videos? Well, yes, but there’s other types of videos that you should take advantage of as well.

Mike Miller  04:15


Mike Miller  04:16

And with all of this, you know, consistency is the key always now, and I just want to reiterate, don’t expect you’re going to put a video up and then everyone in your industry, you know, that you’re trying to sell to is going to see it and then come to you and say please take my money,

Shelly Miller  04:35

right? Well, it’s like the analogy that Mike and I love so much. It’s the baseball analogy, you know, build it and they will come now you have to do things to make them come.

Mike Miller  04:44

Yeah, unless the ghosts are telling you to build it and then they’ll come but but people aren’t going to come and you know the old saying, if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. That’s the worst business Advice ever because I can beat you with marketing. I can have a worse product and beat you with marketing.

Shelly Miller  05:07

That is the truth.

Mike Miller  05:08

Yeah. So it’s how it goes. Yeah, it is. So, you know, the whole thing about it. About videos is consistency. True. And in quality.

Shelly Miller  05:22

Yes, quality as well.

Mike Miller  05:23

Yeah. All right, well, let’s talk about the types and then we’ll talk about quality. All

Shelly Miller  05:27

right, let’s go into it.

Mike Miller  05:28

Alright, so as Shelly said, you have a lot of different options when it comes to your videos. So you have explainer videos, explainer videos? Right? So on your website, you have explainer videos that say, that could basically talk about your products and services, or explain the benefits that you deliver. You know, presentations, you can do, like presentations, like small versions of your webinar, right. So like, if you think about, and I know this is an ad, but but think this way, when companies build a infomercial, they have a one minute, three minute, seven minute, 15 minute and 30 minute version of it,

Shelly Miller  06:16

that’s a great point they do.

Mike Miller  06:18

So it’s the same content is just remade into multiple, yeah, multiple versions of it. So these are your presentations that you can put all across your, your website, and your social channels,

Shelly Miller  06:35


Mike Miller  06:37

Especially like for business to business MSPs, that would be LinkedIn, you know, you have to have a really strong LinkedIn game, really strong presence on LinkedIn. And, and I’m not talking about with reaching out to them and asking them or telling them that you’re an MSP, and that you help them. Now that’s the worst thing you can do. I mean, with content, and video is the best content. It is.

Shelly Miller  07:04

It is I mean, they even, you know, some just fun statistics here about the amount of people that will stop and click on an ad that has video in it. So for you know, if you do these, even even if you did, well, actually, let me let you finish go going through those. And we can talk about all of the different statistics that show and prove that video really makes a difference to your anything in your ads, your presentations, because you can, as you said, you can add those presentations also to things like email, you can even put a small video in email, I’ve gotten those before. And I do like those. Yeah, we do that sometimes, too. So depends on the product and what you’re trying to do. Yeah, you

Mike Miller  07:48

can link to a video. And you know, if you used video or something like that, with even with cold outreach, you could do video, you know, personal one to one videos. So, again, I was having so much fun talking to you. Hopefully, you can hear me on the microphone.

Shelly Miller  08:06

We forget. can’t lookat each other because we need to talk right into the microphone anyway.

Mike Miller  08:10

Exactly. Exactly. So video blogs, right, which we do every week. And as I said, that’s your content that you’re going to put on social, tutorials, you can show how things are done. And if you think about these, this is and you compare it to Lawrence Systems, you’ll see that he’s doing these things. webinars, right, so you could have an actual webinar that you’ve recorded. And and it’s a good thing to do with your old webinars, you can put them on YouTube and allow people to see them without it being gated. Right?

Shelly Miller  08:50

Yes, that’s a good form as well.

Mike Miller  08:51

You could also do, you know, interviews on YouTube. So, like, right now we’re doing a podcast style. It’s a podcast, but we’re also recording it the video so that we can put that on YouTube. So we’re taking advantage of the channel in as many ways as we can as many ways as we can think of right, right. So ads, so you could do YouTube ads, but you can also do Facebook ads. Right. And LinkedIn video is, is more engaging, I think it is. Well,

Shelly Miller  09:27

I mean, you just the numbers show that if you have like, you know, an example or a product that’s has an article or a video, everybody’s gonna watch the video. Yeah, period. You just do.

Mike Miller  09:41

Yeah, exactly. See, I learned long ago that when you’re designing, if you’re wanting to get attention, use a human. Yes. Right, because we have a natural desire just to look at humans. So it doesn’t even have to be an attractive human. Just a human just Human. Yeah, just a face. So anyway, that that’ll beat everything, even kittens. Sure. Yeah. So

Shelly Miller  10:09

Well, look, the kitten is really, really cute. Well, that may be but anyway, I agree.

Mike Miller  10:16

So then where am I? So Customer Testimonials? Right? Excellent. If you can get a testimonial, a video testimonial, that’s gold. It is. And this is why you This is why you want to have a solid testimonial campaign in the post sale layer, right? For ascension. I mean, I’m sorry for advocacy, right? So that you have referral case study and testimonial campaigns. And you the reason you would be like you would think, Well, why do I need a campaign for a testimonial? To get a video? Yes, to help to help structure what their testimonial will be to work with them and to get a video from them. I mean, it’s amazing. So it’s, it’s less than a case study. But but because it’s video, it’s probably more persuasive. I think it is. I do two live streams. Think of that. So every time you so if you have all of your, you know, target clients, and clients on Facebook, or YouTube, and they’re subscribed to your channel, and you start a live stream, it announces to everyone that you’re going live.

Shelly Miller  11:37

Yes. And there. And that is particularly popular in groups, Facebook groups as well. Yeah. Live stream videos.

Mike Miller  11:45

Yes, it is. Product Videos. Why wouldn’t you do a product video on every product that you have? You should? Yeah, you should,

Shelly Miller  11:54

again, going with the people would always like to watch a video instead of reads read about your products? Yeah, you every product you have should have a video for it.

Mike Miller  12:04

Yeah, definitely. And then launches, right. So MSPs don’t do a lot of launches. But you do. Or you should have multi step videos that that are like an offer. So you can have a lead magnet that is like, let’s say three, four or five videos, and just basically say that it’s going to be a coaching course. And run it like a launch. Yeah, but basically have a little coaching course that explains you know, certain things and, and helps people understand maybe even give themself a self assessment or a self audit. run them through. Sure. That’s good.

Shelly Miller  12:48

That’s a good idea.

Mike Miller  12:49

Yeah. And, and then have, you know, like multi day videos that open up every day. So

Shelly Miller  12:59

yeah, are they I just saw extra content. If you’re a subscriber to or a member of a YouTube channel, youtube has changed their policies on being a member or Patreon. So you give them additional extra live content or content that a launch early so they can buy early at a special price.

Mike Miller  13:21

That’s true to do that. Yeah, I mean, you know, I don’t know that I would try to monetize an MSP YouTube channel off the bat but down the road, you could definitely think about that, especially if you’re providing excellent value.

Shelly Miller  13:35

Right? I agree. I really do I think that video in general, it Oh, it just catches you so just from that point, and then it seems to be easier to consume seems to be quicker. And also I noticed that I like to look at a lot of video ads or any video product descriptions I on my phone, and they display properly that way, you know on your phone, you don’t have to worry so much about the format’s because they work so well on your phone. Yeah. Yeah, that’s true. So I mean, I we have some have some statistics, because I love them. But Facebook tested the ads that the video ads and video gets 487 80% more clicks, and was 497% cheaper per click and cost 280% less per lead. Wow. That that’s compelling. Yeah.

Mike Miller  14:34

would you would you like to get more results from your marketing?

Shelly Miller  14:38

Yes. And your lead and your cost per lead go down? Yeah. Okay. Yes.

Mike Miller  14:42

Sign me up. So you can get more leads for the same $1,000?

Shelly Miller  14:46

Yes, yes. And so also like the landing page videos unbounce found that a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by 80%.

Mike Miller  14:57


Shelly Miller  14:58

So I mean, these are These are compelling numbers. So

Mike Miller  15:01

if you’re giving away a lead magnet, you know, even though it’s free, you can add video to your landing page and increase the the leads that you get from it the signups.

Shelly Miller  15:13

Right, right.

Mike Miller  15:14

Yeah, I mean, exactly. You know, that’s what I expect. Because videos the future, and there’s, this is why you want to do it. And we learned this long ago, basically, if you’re in front of people, right? Let me put it this way. They’ve people have been anchored. They’ve been trained to look at people on the TV as celebrities.

Shelly Miller  15:44

Yes, they don’t they they have.

Mike Miller  15:46

Yeah, yeah, we all have. So they’re celebrities, those people are special in some way. And the truth is, is nowadays, everyone has is able to create really high quality good video, like, hopefully this is, right. And, and be entertaining, like we are.

Shelly Miller  16:05

Yes, exactly.

Mike Miller  16:06

Right. So since you have that ability, and people are already trained to look at whoever’s on the screen, as a celebrity, then you can build your own form of celebrity and influence and thought leadership and your own brand. With video. So it’s like, a no brainer, you have to do it. The only thing is, again, remember, you have to be consistent, and it’s not going to, you know, move the needle at first, it’s going to take a while to get it going. But after it does, I mean, you’re gonna realize that if you hadn’t started the video is going to be the big lead generator for your business, it’s going to be the the one thing that really moves the needle in the future.

Shelly Miller  17:02

Yes, it does. I mean it and not only for your, for your company, the face of your company, and the number of views that it gets. But I mean, even you know, you put a video on your website, you know, you get in Vizio states that your website is 53 more times likely to show up on the first page of Google or rank higher on Google. If you have a video on on the homepage. Wow. I mean, again, have a video on that video on your homepage.

Mike Miller  17:30

That’s what it means. Yeah, that means you better put a video on your homepage. You know, if you don’t, you’re an idiot?

Shelly Miller  17:36

Yes, it does. I mean, you really need to, you’re doing all this work anyway. And you’re trying to mark your market your company, why not do the things that you need to do that will move the needle the fastest, and video is one of them.

Mike Miller  17:47


Shelly Miller  17:48

But I do have to say there is a time when you shouldn’t use video. Okay, when? Well, I want to go back for a minute and say that back in the day when videos had bad sound, the comments and the and the people leaving and not viewing your whole entire video is unbelievable. Even if it’s content they really want, you’ll get less viewers. Well, same thing with video that you use and these formats that we mentioned today. Just purchasing a generic video from Fiverr or something and putting that on your website. That that’s like not good enough anymore. It has the same problem that YouTube does. Now, you know, that’s just, I’m not I, you might still be able to get something from it. But it is it’s people are going oh, that’s one of those generic things. I mean, it doesn’t take any one of you or longer to know. or longer to. Let me see what let me back up. It doesn’t take people long to start to see a trend and then know that something’s generic.

Mike Miller  18:55

Yeah, like the explainer videos that have the hand that draw?

Shelly Miller  18:59

Exactly. Or it’s just a video of this. Man or woman? Yes, it looks like it looks like a girl at her computer. There’s a guy at his computer. And then there’s text that comes up at the bottom. I mean, they’re generic. Yeah. And they’re not converting as well. So

Mike Miller  19:15

create it with a $15 a month video. Exactly.

Shelly Miller  19:20

So if that is the extent of time or money or commitment that you’re that you’re willing to invest, I would tell you don’t do video, right? Yeah, that’s true. I think that video janky it will and video, because of the conversions that you get with video. It’s an item that it’s content that you should spend time on. You should you know it should be scripted and written and then once you’ve used it like let’s just say you’ve made a video for your website. Well, as we’ve been, you know, I guess preaching forever. You need to take an omni channel approach and make sure that you do everything you can to promote that video. So you want to make the most of your time and money that you spent on the video. So it should be something that you really care about. And it looks like you spent time and quality on it.

Mike Miller  20:10

Yeah. So good sound good video, good lighting. Yes. Right? And understanding a little bit about me and learning a little bit about video, and how to do a good video,

Shelly Miller  20:23

right? Or have somebody do it? Who knows? Who knows, because you know, let’s just say you want to make a couple of videos. It’s worth having somebody shoot it for you, instead of you spending the time to learn about the sound and video. But

Mike Miller  20:36

Exactly. And you could do that you could create like, seven, eight videos in one day and knock them all out. Right? We’ve done that many times, with clients and even ourselves. Now we like doing them, you know, set them setting them up and then doing one, and then making sure it’s good and then publishing it. Right. Well, then the next one, and then you know, and promotion.

Shelly Miller  21:00

Right? It helps. It’s just our scheduling. It’s easier for that.

Mike Miller  21:04

Yeah. So yeah, so basically, our process is research, right? edit, approve, shoot, edit, publish, promote? Yes. Yeah. So that’s what you’re looking at with every form of content that you do, you know, you got to write it and create it, but then you have to publish it. And then and publishing not only means like to your website, but also to all your social channels. Right? And then you have to promote it. And you could go, Well, did I promote it when I post published it to the social channels? Yes. And no, no, yes, you published it. But to promote it, you may need to, you know, you’re going to either do it cheap, or you’re going to pay for it. So the paid way is to boost your content with ads. The cheap way, is to go to all of the people that are your ICP and start engaging with their stuff.

Shelly Miller  22:03

It is

Mike Miller  22:05

right to start engaging, talking to them, you know, they got a picture of themselves in the gym. I’m taking this from Gary Vee. And you You’re right. swole on that. Right. Right. No, engage with them, see what happens. And then they’ll go back to your work. They’ll be like, Who is this fool? Saying swole? Yes. And then they go to your your thing? And then they see Oh, did you do MSP services? Right? Right. Yes. That’s how you promote for free.

Shelly Miller  22:32

Yeah, I found a podcast guest potentially today. Because they commented some fun things on my Yeah. Instagram. So you know you. That’s how that is one technique. And it works well.

Mike Miller  22:44

Yes, exactly. So do video,

Shelly Miller  22:51

do video,

Mike Miller  22:52

you must do video. Don’t expect it to take don’t expect it to, to pay it for itself instantly. It takes a while. Make sure you’re consistent and publish produce quality videos. Yes. And if I had to say the most important thing, if I ranked you know what’s most important? It’s sound, then it’s lighting because you can’t get good video, regardless of your camera with that with bad lighting. Right?

Mike Miller  23:29

It’s true.

Mike Miller  23:29

If it’s dark, it’s going to be grainy. Yes. If it’s too bright, it’s going to be you’re going to be blown out. So but if you’ve got the issue of it being too bright, then you can get a good camera. And the camera will help fix that. Yes. Anyway, I don’t want to give you a whole class on videography. But But basically, you know, I think that the way that the msps are going to separate themselves from their competition is by having a lot of videos and building a brand and and building a name for themselves, not only within their community, but on the internet as a whole. And really showing their professionalism and their attention to detail and their knowledge.

Shelly Miller  24:18

I agree the videos the best way to do it.

Mike Miller  24:21

Yeah, definitely. Well, as always, we appreciate your watching and spending time with us.

Shelly Miller  24:28 We’ll see you next See you next Thursday.

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

Entrepreneur, marketer and social psychologist - I help you make the most of your business with marketing, online and offline.

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