Ep 26 – MSP Marketing Fails

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Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Ep 26 MSP Marketing Fails

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Podcast Transcript

Shelly Miller  00:09

Welcome to the Mindwhirl Marketing podcast with your hosts, Mike and Shelly Miller, your source for B2B business building information where we talk sales and marketing and give you the insider secrets you need to know to grow your business. We want to help you attract leads and sales and show you how to align sales and marketing. So you get more sales faster with less cost.

Mike Miller  00:28

Yes, you do. alignments the key we’re gonna prove it today is we’re talking about MSP marketing fails.

Shelly Miller  00:37

Ooh, marketing fails.

Mike Miller  00:39


Shelly Miller  00:40

You get excited when you see something that says fails

Mike Miller  00:42

like I do. I’m gonna laugh. Yeah, exactly. It might be some fun. Well, I like it.

Shelly Miller  00:50

I do.

Mike Miller  00:51

Yeah. But the thing is, is that so there’s two kinds of fails. There’s the the ones that are funny. And, and then there are like these that aren’t that aren’t that funny.

Shelly Miller  01:04

They may not be humorous, but you learn Oh, you know what? I’m not gonna do that.

Mike Miller  01:08

Exactly, exactly. So what happened was, we were cruising the interwebs. And we saw some basically, forum posts from people talking about their experience with MSP marketing companies.

Shelly Miller  01:25

Yes. Very interesting.

Mike Miller  01:26

Yeah. So we decided that we would talk about it because we’re an MSP marketing company. Now, like, so we decided that we wanted to focus on msps, because 80% of our business is agencies. But with the way things are happening with the pandemic, and everything, and agencies losing business, we needed to focus on. Basically, we have contracts that say that we can’t tell who we done work for. Right? So we want testimonials. And we want people to, you know, say, Wow, Mike and Shelly do a great job. And we realized that msps really need our help. And this is some of the the things that made us decide to focus strictly on msps.

Shelly Miller  02:26

It is that’s a that’s a good way to put it. Because when you go through and read the problems that msps are having, it makes you I mean, we both have both Mike and I both went, Okay, we have to help these people, because this is this is this is some of the comments that we see here are problems that arose 10 years ago. And I thought, you know, most people weren’t having these problems anymore. And apparently they are because these were recent posts within the last 30 days.

Mike Miller  02:57

Yeah. Maybe 45 at the most.

Shelly Miller  03:00


Mike Miller  03:01

So, like, so I’m just going to read some, what we decided was we weren’t going to go in and mention competitors. Number one, and we weren’t going to mention actual tribe members. Or Yeah, but I mean, we weren’t going to mention the, like what they did the actual tactics they use that failed. Okay, great. Right. So they’re not like, that kind of fails, there are the fails of the marketing teams that were helping these people.

Shelly Miller  03:33


Mike Miller  03:35

basically. Yeah. So here we go. I just realized the light of my papers messing up the exposure on the camera. Oh, so many things to think about when you’re doing this stuff. Alright. So here we go.

Mike Miller  03:50

We’ve had very, we’ve dealt with several and had very poor results. Well, it’s To me, that’s a that’s horrible, because it makes us all look bad, because, you know, marketing is all about results. And if you’ve dealt with several and had very poor results, that that tells me that. See?

Shelly Miller  04:19

Go ahead, Mike.

Mike Miller  04:20

Okay, there’s this Well, actually, so because we deal with a lot of agencies, you know, I’m sales Shelly is operations. We’re both marketing. So Shelly has all this experience with agencies. Yes. So we know what’s going on. And you want to share the inside secrets?

Shelly Miller  04:44

Sure. He means like some things that agencies do to maybe inflate numbers. Yeah. acquisition, engagement, those kind of things.

Mike Miller  04:56


Mike Miller  04:56

Yeah, they’re tracking engagement, likes followers. Things like that.

Shelly Miller  05:01

Right? So I guess I guess you what you would say is since you can’t you’re, you know, the one of the main focuses for marketing for a company is to provide them with analytics that you’ve gotten from the work that you’ve done. Right. So if if you’ve signed a, in large agencies, they usually sign a huge contracts meaning length of time. So 12 1824 months? Well, that’s great. But they the company, which every company should hold the marketing agency response responsible for getting these meeting these numbers, right? Well, unfortunately, there’s a lot of, we’ll call it manipulation. And that goes on to make sure that the agency looks good in meeting their numbers. And unfortunately, so in the end, at the end of every month, the analytics, for example, the data looks right. Yes. However, well, the data they decide to provide looks right. Right, say that, and they have ways to manipulate it so that it looks right. So we’re actual work is being done? Yeah, unfortunately, it’s not. I’ll give you I’ll give you one example. I was shocked about, Okay, take this for what you will, but this is. So a lot of people think that engagement, only engagement will equal sales. So if the engagement numbers are good, then then we’ve been the marketer has been doing their job. So hire 15 people to work 40 hours a week, writing reviews.

Mike Miller  06:39


Shelly Miller  06:40

and these aren’t your customers. And these aren’t people who have purchased this product. These are professional copyright review copywriters, who make the engagement numbers look, great,

Mike Miller  06:55


Shelly Miller  06:56

Great. And the reports, and those are the focus. Sometimes on other reports, hey, we look at all the engagement, right? You got, you know, 170 new comments this week,

Mike Miller  07:09

but is it in?Is it engagement with your target? Or the audience? Is it your ICP? Or is it just engagement?

Shelly Miller  07:16

Well see,

Mike Miller  07:16

and that’s and then it’s not even real engagement?

Shelly Miller  07:19

Right. And that’s why it’s frustrating when you you know, you read these from people who are spending good money, their hard earned money on marketing, to find out that, you know, it’s not just a couple of cases, a couple of marketing companies, I every time I look into an industry, I see these type of comments. And it it’s, it’s frustrating for a business who, you know, Mike, and I’ve, we’ve had Mindwhirl since 1999. And a lot of the customers that we have, we’ve had since 1999. And we’ve had them because they’re our partners, we care about them. Right? And we want them to do better. And we it’s we know, it’s obvious that to help them grow their business. Yeah. With lies is horrible. It’s a terrible, it’s a terrible tactic to use. It’s an unfortunate one and leaves a whole bunch of people. You know, disenchanted with marketing?

Mike Miller  08:18

Right. Exactly. Preach girl. Yeah. Because the thing is, is that and you can tell it, though, you like when you look at the strategy and the KPIs they’re suggesting, and they don’t relate to sales or results. That gives you a clue?

Shelly Miller  08:37

It does. It does. So So that’s, that’s a good point. So you know, maybe we should do a podcast or a video about what you should look at in the Analytics reports that you receive from your marketer? Because, yes, they can you can do different views on reports to show different things and then make a case for while I’m showing you engagement, because the numbers say 60%, increase engagement should mean 15% increase in clients, you know, but you’re not seeing that, right. So you know, if they come if they use the tactic of showing you numbers that don’t matter. And you know, they don’t matter, because you don’t see increased sales or customers, there’s a problem. They’re not showing you what you need to see. And unfortunately, I am saying that if you’re not, you’re not seeing it. They’re not showing you the right numbers, no, and they and they are they aren’t your partner, right. You’re trying to get your month, your monthly spend. That’s what they’re trying to do

Mike Miller  09:38

exactly, unless they’re your and although I have seen in like large, large, large companies that the agency messing with the numbers is being a partner to the marketing team on the other side, because they have to show numbers to their board and CEO and so their numbers have to be

Shelly Miller  10:04

so they’re both in bed together. Yeah. So it’s, it is and it’s it’s, I mean, gosh, we could talk about that

Mike Miller  10:11

And I know you could. We got all this to

Mike Miller  10:13

talk about and and and basically but that is the dark underbelly of the industry.

Shelly Miller  10:20

Yes and a possible reason why you’re not seeing the results I should in your marketing Exactly.

Mike Miller  10:25

Because the people you’re dealing with, they don’t know direct response. They aren’t based on results, you know.

Mike Miller  10:32

So anyway, here’s the next one. during our time, we’ve done things like 2000 a month and AdWords, cold color and appointment setting companies to the tune of 60,000 a year, SEO and content creation, MSP web people at $1,000 a month, etc. They all had issues, and it wasn’t accidental in most cases. So I don’t know if what it was an accidental is like suggesting what were we just talked about or not?

Shelly Miller  11:02

I’m not sure either.

Mike Miller  11:03

Yeah. And and then someone else says 100% our experience as well. And actually, this guy is an industry like big dawg. Okay. That’s a weird way to say he’s a

Shelly Miller  11:19

an industry leader.

Mike Miller  11:20

Yes, he’s a thought leader. 100% our experience as well. We dumped a ridiculous amount of money into marketing a few years ago and got nothing.

Shelly Miller  11:29


Mike Miller  11:31

And I want to there’s some I want to say about this. But let me read the next one, too. Okay. We were blitt we were being blatantly lied to. We had a very well known company doing our AdWords campaigns. We were spending 2000 a month and 1000 in, in hosting an ad management. After about eight months, I got involved and said Why is our analytics so poor? And yet we’re getting PPC at 25 to $30 a pop? Oh, my goodness. Well, that’s not too bad. I mean, he could be $80 anyway, turn Yeah, getting

Shelly Miller  12:04

nothing from 25 to $30.

Mike Miller  12:06

That’sa no, that’s, that’s ridiculous. So it turned out all our PPC was going to the homepage. So we would have a special offer for like VoIP. And it would just go to the homepage

Shelly Miller  12:18

instead of a landing page.

Mike Miller  12:19


Mike Miller  12:20

Right. It says no offer no signup, no drop for an email for the top 12 things about VoIP, etc. See, okay, so that’s, this is always bothered me. And this is why we created the client magnet system. And it’s our show, so we’re gonna pitch ourselves. But the deal is, is that I’ve always said that works. Yeah. Well, thanks. I’ve always said, You can’t just do Facebook marketing, right? You can’t just do Google AdWords. There’s a whole series of events that has to happen, a whole funnel, like the funnels the term now. But a whole system a whole strategy, right? And that it’s like, okay, Shelly, what’s the worst thing you can do in marketing?

Shelly Miller  13:07

One thing,

Mike Miller  13:08


Mike Miller  13:10

And what do you need

Shelly Miller  13:13

an omni channel approach?

Mike Miller  13:14

That’s right,

Shelly Miller  13:15

multiple things,

Mike Miller  13:16

you have to be doing multiple things. You can’t just do one thing and expect good results. And if anybody’s, and the thing is, is it’s not your fault for believing that you could just do AdWords and get you know, all the business you’d need. That’s, it’s not your fault. Because some marketers telling you that, that’s all you need. That’s all you need. It’s the secret sauce. If you just did this, then I would have all the business you need. And the truth is, is that that’s not the case. You have to do multiple things, especially today. Because your your ICP, right? Your target buyer, they’re inundated with advertising and marketing from a variety of different companies, including your competitors. I mean, I mean, I, when I do local business prospecting, I was doing local business prospecting. You don’t know how many times someone would go, you people. Oh, you know, when I walk in or call them and they go, That’s funny. I just hung up with another web designer, web developer. Yes, a digital marketer. all I get is calls from you guys. Even our clients have to tell us, man, they won’t leave me alone. Yes. You know, yeah. So there’s a lot of competition out there. Well, yeah.

Shelly Miller  14:39

That’s a good point. So. So I want to just stop you because if even your clients who obviously aren’t leaving, they’re staying with you, but they’re getting called all the time. If all you’re doing is called or all calls or all you’re doing is LinkedIn. You see the problem? Yeah, you know, you need to do it. So are apparently hundreds of competitors. So you need to do multiple touches multiple channels in your marketing.

Mike Miller  15:08

Yeah. And we’ve had clients come to us and say, you know, I go, so why did you choose us? And they’d say, because you’re everywhere.

Shelly Miller  15:15

Yes. Exactly, exactly.

Mike Miller  15:18

And that’s what they want. They want to be everywhere, because that’s how you make money with marketing. Right? So marketing is a long term play. And it it’s like a freight train, it starts off slow. Yes, but once it gets going, you cannot stop it. But it takes a while to get going. You know?

Shelly Miller  15:36

Yes, it does.

Mike Miller  15:37

And it’s a good analogy. Yeah. It just depends on how heavy it is. Now, if you want to get going immediately, you got to do sales. But it is the hardest, worst thing you can do. That’s why you have to do it. At first anyway. So you know what’s working? Yes. And we’re gonna get a good point. We’re gonna get to something else here in a second. But let’s see that we cover all this. So basically, the thing is about these guys, right? So this one was like we did AdWords, then we did cold color and appointment setting. And we’d spent $60,000 a year, and we did SEO and content creation. My question is, did you do it one thing at a time? Or did you do it all together? Because all together will work? One at a time won’t. Right. And that’s the thing about it is that I’ve, we’ve proven like we said it last week, we’ve proven that the one thing that never works, is nothing. Right. And then the second thing that doesn’t work is one thing, right. Like I had a guy say that he got all this business from Google My Business. Well, I’ve put people on the maps before too. And GoDaddy is especially notorious for all of a sudden your server goes down. Now they promise 99.9% uptime, but your server goes down. I wasn’t the one who chose the server, and I wasn’t the one being notified. Right. So I wasn’t checking. But my clients listings in the maps just disappeared. Right. Right. Three months later, they’re still weren’t back. I mean,

Shelly Miller  17:21

so if that was your only approach out of business, you’re dead in the water?

Mike Miller  17:24

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So let’s go. Oh, this is a great one. Another well known company was charging us 6000 a month for web hosting, cold calling, and lead generation. Okay, so that’s more than just one thing. Not only did we waste our money and signed a one year deal, but they were making up appointments, sending our sales reps 30 to 40 minutes away, saying they confirmed everything that morning and at least twice. At least twice. The person never even worked there. So they confirmed appointments with people who never worked there.

Mike Miller  18:00

Interesting after confirming.

Mike Miller  18:01

Yeah, after the year was up, they threatened to sue us for not taking down the logo they made. Wow.

Shelly Miller  18:08

Yeah, we could just do an hour or two podcasts on that one comment?

Mike Miller  18:13

Yes, we could. Exactly because the the thing about that is I see that that company took advantage of you guys. But that said, so. Okay, let me that said the process for sales should go like this. If you have an SDR an outsourced telemarketing company and they’re setting appointments for you. That appointment should be for a zoom discovery call. Yes, a DISCO.

Shelly Miller  18:47

That’s a great point.

Shelly Miller  18:48

Yeah, a DISCO

Mike Miller  18:49

Yeah, disco so that you can then talk to them. That them like before you get in the car and schlep yourself across the town, you know, 40 minutes away, so that you can then knock on a door and these people don’t know who you are,

Shelly Miller  19:05

or who the person you’re asking for is right? Because they don’t work. Unbelievable. This, this is extremely unfortunate.

Mike Miller  19:12

Then what you do is you change the process. So basically, okay, if that was my company, right? And you know, like our SDR had set an appointment with someone who didn’t exist. So here’s what would happen. You would call me directly, because you’d have my phone number, my cell phone number, you call me directly and instantly, I would refund your money for that lead. Then I would pay you for your time of driving out there. And then I would fire the SDR.

Shelly Miller  19:43

There you go.

Mike Miller  19:44

And we would solve that problem it would never happen again.

Shelly Miller  19:48

No, but that’s that’s unacceptable. It is that’s really unacceptable,

Mike Miller  19:52

but also Fool me once Shame on you fool me twice. Shame on me. So at that point in time, you know the If it happens one time, I would make it right. Personally I would. But also, I would suggest that we change the process. No more setting appointments for you to go out, you know, drive out and meet these people know when you’re going to have a discovery call, and you’re going to talk to them for 15 minutes and make sure that they are a fit. Yes. Right.

Shelly Miller  20:23


Mike Miller  20:24

I mean, that’s what should happen. It’s exactly what should happen. So, and these people just seem like they were, like Shelly said before just generating numbers to make it look like they did a good job, but in fact, weren’t, weren’t ever gonna get you results.

Shelly Miller  20:41

Yeah. Well, there’s many things in that statement that says, I mean, you know, again, I’m just going to be honest, that sounds like they really this company does. unsavory practices. Let’s put it that way. Yeah. I mean, and then they got mad because she wanted to leave. And so now they’re gonna try to take down your logo. Yeah, that’s, that’s something.

Mike Miller  21:02

Yes. I

Shelly Miller  21:03

hope no one has to experience that. No, these are horrid marketing practices that companies do. And that’s really unfortunate. And I hope I hope that person got everything squared away. And if they don’t call us, yes, and we will help you. That’s awful.

Mike Miller  21:18

Well, because everything we make for our clients is our clients, right? We’re not like photographers who take a picture of you, and then want to sell it back to you. And if you don’t buy it, they’ll put it on royalty free photos, and then you’re out there. Yeah, that somebody can buy or serve you. Yeah, they can buy a picture of you, because it’s their photo, they took it even if it’s your likeness. So anyway, there’s some things like that that are really screwy. Yes, there are that we don’t do. And that’s why our contracts are the way they are. It is there’s no contract,

Shelly Miller  21:49

there’s there is a contract for services, and no long term contracts.

Mike Miller  21:55

Exactly. This one, the next one says we signed on to a different company at some recommendations paid 600 a month, after everything, found out that our blog content was straight syndicated and crushing our local rankings. Yeah, you see, you don’t want when you hire a content marketing company. And this is what happens. There’s several of them out there that they will give you content that they’ve written one time, and they sell it to like 40 or 50 clients?

Shelly Miller  22:26

Well, exactly. And I want to say, if that’s what you purchased, and you understand that you have to do a nofollow on your blog, and you understand that you’re you believe from the marketer has told you or the contract says that there’s no one else in your area that’s going to get this same letter. That’s one thing. But this statement says, This is what bothered me about this one, he said everything. And then he found out our blog content was straight syndicated. So basically, you know, if we take him for, you know what he’s saying? He didn’t know that he was, but he thought he was buying content that was just for him. So that’s where the problem is. I mean, I I personally, we don’t write the same content for anyone. We don’t like to do that we no matter if you are completely and you know, separate locations or parts of the world doesn’t matter to us. We don’t we have never believed that anyone should have the same content. But right now, I understand that a lot of people use it, that’s fine. But you need to know that’s what you’re using. Not you, you find out that yeah, this is the kind of content

Mike Miller  23:36

is true. The thing is, is did they know, number one, and if they did know, they wasted their money? Because it’s a waste of money, right? I mean, you’re not gonna get any results from syndicated content, no,

Shelly Miller  23:47

and then saying found out, I’m sure he didn’t take all of his blog posts and put nofollow. So now he’s in really real trouble and not showing up on Google. Exactly. So

Mike Miller  23:55

did he know that I needed to do that? Yeah. Exactly. So you know, this is why you need a partner.

Shelly Miller  24:04

Yes, that’s why we advocate partnership. That’s all that’s what we have with all of our clients a partnership.

Mike Miller  24:10

Yeah, exactly. So Okay, so the next one it’s I’m going to read the next two because they go with this partner thing. Okay. So business practices aside I’m very guilty of this myself going in with false expectations and expecting growth in a bottle. I pay x a month and get why in new business the few service in companies we tried in the past failed miserably. So think of that growth in a bottle. And then the next Yes, I’m moving out of the tech side as well somewhat to handle this, you know, marketing, right because as my business partner who does all the financing, HR has been trying to handle it, but they don’t know what they don’t know when they’re being lied to. So

Shelly Miller  25:00

Do you have a partner, you don’t have to worry about being lied to? Exactly because your partner will not lie to you?

Mike Miller  25:07

No. And the first thing I want to say about that, well, and this is why we developed so we develop the Client Magnet System, so that you could understand marketing, and know what’s necessary in order to be successful with your marketing. Second, we did it. So you would be able to know what we’re doing, when we do the marketing for you. Or if you decide to do it yourself, you know what you need to do? Yes. Now, the people who are the best marketers, are our best clients, because they know what has to be done. And they know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Shelly Miller  25:45


Mike Miller  25:46

We’re partners, but they haven’t abdicated everything to us. They constantly look at the strategy that we’re using. And they look at the results we’re getting, and the numbers like and we show the actual numbers. And even if we have a dashboard, they’re still links to the underlying numbers that they can see, like physically go see, to to validate what we’re telling them. So you don’t ever want to, like expect growth in a bottle? Because it seems like that’s an abdication of the client acquisition phase of your business, which is your nothing until you’re like, Okay, no matter what you do, you’re a sales organization first. So you can’t let go of that you have to constantly be on top of it. Now you can hire people like us, who will do the work for you. And we’d like to show the results that we’re getting, because we’re really results focused. But you, but I don’t want you to just hand it to me and then walk away. Because that’s not a good fit for us. We we want a partner who will work with us so that we can help strategize, because there’s more involved than just a Facebook ad.

Shelly Miller  27:14

Right. And then that’s what the partnership brings. It brings real growth to a business.

Mike Miller  27:20

Right. Exactly, exactly. Okay, the next one. In my experience working with anyone, especially outsourced companies, it’s incredibly important to keep an eye on their work at all times. And not just believe some reports they deliver but actually check them to see if they actually did what they said they did, especially in the beginning stages. Yeah, this is exactly what we were just talking about. Yes, it is, you know, you can’t, you can’t ever trust anyone, not until they earned the trust, right? You know, I feel like you can trust me. And if you hire us, we’re going to do everything we possibly can to ensure that you have well that you get results. But results also mean that you have proper expectations, so that we can exceed them. If you’re expecting the world will never exceed your expectations.

Shelly Miller  28:12

That’s true. I mean, it it again, that leads back to partnership to me. So when you are or the example from a couple podcasts or a video about the world’s best salesperson, a car salesman, yes, Guinness World Book record holder for the best car sales, Joe Girard, there you go, he everything that he did to make sales was because he believed in his product and the people who bought it, and he he was in it. for the long haul, he did it his entire life. So he committed he committed to a lifetime of car sales. And in doing so, he treated every customer like family, because a committed salesperson to a one, you know, type of sale cars or whatever. He knew that he could sell you multiple cars, your wife, your kids, your grandkids, you know, your sister, your brother. And so, to me, it’s such a simple process. You know, if you’re, like Mike and I, we have we have been doing this since 1999. And the reason is, is because we love it. And we love the partnerships we make with our customers. Yes. So you know, we we have a vested interest, we want to we want you to do good and we want to keep you forever. So you know that a partnership also lends itself to, you know, not having to worry about Am I being lied to? Am I going to have to know everything about marketing to as well as all the aspects of my business so that I can make sure I’m not being lied to. And that’s unfortunate because we all know there’s not that much time in the day. So yeah, you do need to know some things. We all as business owners and entrepreneurs, we have to know a little bit about everything. It’s the choice we made to become an entrepreneur, we knew it going in, but to have to consistently be, you know, this little voice in the back of your brain saying, are they lying to me? Are they just, you know, telling me this to, you know, keep the contract with me. That’s, that is not a fair. That’s a that’s unfortunate, worried that you have to go through at all. So it is when you’re in a partnership, that tends to not happen.

Mike Miller  30:30

Right, exactly. So and for the MSPs. It’s the difference between being a value added reseller, and being a managed service provider. Yes. Right. So So one is just, I’m trying to get these products and services sold. And the other one is, how can I actually serve you? How can I help you, right? That’s why I said the McDonald’s Do you want fries with that? That sounds stupid. And I hate it, because it’s so cliche, but if you really look at it, like you’re a customer, you’re a diner, and we want you to have a good experience. Okay, just imagine that this isn’t McDonald’s, we’re talking about we’re actually talking about a fine restaurant like Ruth’s Chris or something, right? And you go in and you order a steak. The waiter, the waiter, I was gonna say, Garson, at the same time, the waiter would say, Would you like anything else, we have salads, we have, you know, we have vegetables, we have all these other things that would, and we have wine, we could pair that, you know, a red goes well with this, you know, whatever. The reason they’re doing that is because they want to ensure you have a really good dining experience, because it’s your experience, that’s so important. They want you to be satisfied so that you’ll tell your friends, if you go in and just say, I just want, you know, a steak and they go, Okay, then they’re a value added reseller. They’re not a partner. They’re not someone who cares about your enjoyment of cares about your experience cares about your results, right? So you need to like there’s clues there that you should watch out for. Agreed. Okay, so then the last one here, running long, but the last one says, a month ago, I spent 40 plus LinkedIn emails to 40, CPA business owners didn’t get one single response. And then someone else replies, and said I did something similar with a campaign, over 100 sent out only response I got was from a doctor’s office asking me to take them off our mailing list. That’s funny. So we’ve already given the secret to that one away. what’s the what’s the worst thing you could do? You know, one thing, one thing? Yeah. So if you do so my question would be okay, so the second time you sent that campaign out to the doctors, what happened? What was your response? Yeah. And

Shelly Miller  33:07

did you only send them response? Or did you only send the messages on LinkedIn one time?

Mike Miller  33:11


Shelly Miller  33:12

Did you send them a postcard? Did you send mail them a letter?

Mike Miller  33:16

Did you call them?

Shelly Miller  33:17

Did you email them?

Mike Miller  33:18

Yeah. I mean, did you hit them with Facebook ads? Right? Because if you didn’t do all that stuff, then you’re not going to get results. It’s true. Yeah. I mean, I’ve done a lot of things that I thought, Oh, this is gonna work. I mean, we’re giving everything away. We’re just like, dumping value on these people. And, and gotten zero results.

Shelly Miller  33:45

But that’s called life.

Mike Miller  33:46

Yeah, it is. It’s not it’s

Shelly Miller  33:47

not indicative of marketing, or of sales, or of a business owner. it’s indicative of life. It is, it is.

Mike Miller  33:55

This one guy told me that he was, he only wanted one thing to write and he had done, like, a postcard here. And like a firecracker mailing, saying that he spent like $8 for each one of them, and then spend another $4 to mail it to like 100 people. You got nothing from that? Right. And I was like, have you tried more than one thing? And so we started sending two postcards a month and one was a cheap holiday postcard, you know, like, happy bring your kid to work day.

Shelly Miller  34:35

Yeah. You know, it’s the clocks are moving forward.

Mike Miller  34:39

Yeah, exactly. Just Just little crud like that. And all of a sudden, he started getting sales. Yeah, weird because he was doing more than one thing, then he was consistent and he was consistent. And that’s really our suggestion. You know, you have to have an omni channel strategy you have to do you have to ensure That you’ve got sales and marketing, and that they’re both working together, that they’re aligned, and that you have content working for you. And you’re building a brand through marketing, but that you’re using sales at the same time. And when I say marketing and sales, I mean, you’re running campaigns that both sales and marketing are doing simultaneously. So if you think what we’re gonna do an offer for VoIP, well, then that’s your month. That’s your campaign for the month. Yes. Right. And so marketing has to get all their ducks in a row for the VoIP campaign and sales has to get all their ducks in a row for the VoIP campaign. And then they both go out, like and attack the marketplace, yes, together. And they have everything working together to sell VoIP.

Shelly Miller  35:51

And you’ll start getting those sales in those calls of people saying, I see you everywhere. Exactly, then you’ll know you’re doing it right. That’s exactly. And that’s a great place to stop.

Shelly Miller  36:01

It is.

Mike Miller  36:02

So thanks for listening. As always, we look forward to seeing you again. And as always, we’ll

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

Entrepreneur, marketer and social psychologist - I help you make the most of your business with marketing, online and offline.

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