What Are The Benefits of Marketing

So there I was asking myself if this was real life.

The prospect I had just called and pitched said, “Mike, I don’t advertise in magazines.”

“Who said anything about advertising in magazines?” I said.

To which he replied, “well, you said you do marketing.”


I said, “I am a marketer, and I can create ads for print, but I never said anything about magazine ads. Why would you jump to that conclusion?”

He said, “well, I guess I don’t understand what marketing is and what it’s for.”

Sometimes, I guess I don’t think about what is common knowledge and what isn’t.

I once met a guy at a networking meeting who was a little younger than I was and we started talking about great comedians. I mentioned how Richard Pryor was one of the greats and he said, “Who’s Richard Pryor?”

Who … wha!?!? Are you joking?

But I guess we all have different experiences. I guess it’s possible to not know who Richard Pryor is, and I guess it’s possible not to know what marketing is for.

So let me mansplain it in a way that hopefully makes it clear.

If you own a business, your first priority is to find and keep customers. No matter what you “do,” you are a sales organization first.

Marketing is designed to attract and educate prospects into becoming leads for your salesforce. It’s that simple.

Marketing, in all of it’s forms, helps pull customers to you.

As far as the benefits of marketing for a business goes, it depends upon how you use it.

For instance, your sales team could be actively prospecting for new customers, or they could be accepting incoming calls from prospects who are ready to buy.

In the first scenario, your salespeople are talking to a lot of suspects who are not interested in your product at all.

In the second scenario, most of the people they speak with are ready to purchase and just need help placing an order.

That means the benefits of marketing in this case are most likely:

  • A smaller, more knowledgeable, more motivated sales force
  • A predictable stream of customers and revenue – which gives you the ability to optimize that funnel/process to increase sales
  • Brand exposure in the marketplace
  • Most likely a reduced cost to get new customers
  • A professional brand image and education process which breeds loyal customers
  • Business growth

Marketing is leverage. It helps you work smarter, not harder.

You could have a room of salespeople smiling and dialing, or you could replace most of them with marketing that pulls in customers who are ready to buy and leads that want more information. Then, you would only need enough salespeople as necessary to answer the incoming calls.

People say marketing is expensive, but can you see now how a room full of salespeople is actually a lot more expensive than marketing?

Now, there are a lot of tactics you can use when marketing. I’ve compiled an encylopedia of marketing tactics here. But, regardless of which tactics you use, the goal is the same. Get as much business as you can as inexpensively as possible.

If you need help with that, I know a good marketing team with a proven track record, so reach out to me and I’ll hook you up.

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