Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas –August 22, 2014

Marketing to the open 24/7 internet

This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from tracking people, business blogs, open 24/7, and some fresh ideas to be successful.

1. Michael and I have always preached the importance of tracking and measuring, it’s the one sure way to know that what you are doing is working after all. There are many things to track depending on the types of marketing you do. This article explains why tracking people will help you build a better business.

>> The Benefits of Tracking People with Analytics READ ARTICLE HERE

2. Do you have a business blog? Do you update it on a regular basis? What kind of content do you fill it with? This article answers the question, “Is business blogging worthwhile?” and discusses the best practices for business blogs today.

>>Is Business Blogging Still Worthwhile? READ ARTICLE HERE

3. In case you haven’t noticed, everyone is looking at their phone all the time. You can’t have a conversation without noticing someone glance at their phone. Heck most people don’t even apologize for reading things on their phone while talking to you. With this type of “on 24 hours” a day mentality, we have all changed our behavior, most of us go to bed with our phone! In this article you can see the effects of always on in our buying habits.

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4. I have to admit, I read quite a few of these types of articles a week, articles that promise new and fresh ideas on old topics, like how to be successful. In doing so, I’ve realized that sometimes people do have new ideas on a topic, like this article, I found 3 new ways to be more successful, see if any are new to you.

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