Stealing Marketing Ideas

I’ve taken a lot of flak over a very simple idea:


Not stealing in the traditional sense. No, that’s obviously wrong. What I mean is stealing marketing ideas and processes that have been proven to be profitable.

But every time I suggest it to business owners and coaching clients they take offense and think they are above this, what they perceive to be, nefarious behavior.

Their unwillingness to steal profitable funnels and copywriting templates from successful marketers makes them closed-minded.

John Lennon once said, “amateurs borrow, professionals steal.” He reworked that from T.S.Elliott’s quote: “amateur poets borrow; mature poets steal.”

When I went to art school I learned about a technique called rotoscoping. It involves placing art by another artist on a lightbox, taping a sheet of blank paper over that art, tracing it, and reworking it and making it your own.

Comics use mash ups. Music artists pull samples from other artist’s music and imitate the style and flavor of their music. I’m sure you have heard of Bruno Mars Uptown Funk sounding like Rick James and James Brown, and the music of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines being similar to Marvin Gaye’s style.

On the backs of giants. On the backs of those who came before. Using the ideas, the experiences, and the ingenuity of our predecessors  – we strengthen our ideas, build our society, expand the arts, and progress in all ways.

The Fastest Route to Internet Marketing Success

I had a recent marketing coaching client rake me over the coals for suggesting they steal the pattern of a successful and profitable marketing funnel.

I suggested it because they didn’t want to pay me to create it for them, and they have no idea what they are doing.

It cracks me up. Russell Brunson says it, and he’s a genius. I suggest it, and I’m treated like Bernie Madoff running a Ponzi scheme.

All marketers, especially Internet marketers, utilize best practices. Those best practices are predefined marketing funnels and copywriting templates designed to achieve a specific goal.

Frank Kern has Mass Control. Ryan Lévesque has The Ask Formula. Jeff Walker has The Product Launch Formula. Dan Kennedy has Magnetic Marketing. These guys have nailed down their marketing funnels and are selling the blueprints. There are reasons to buy these products, but you don’t have to, because if you pay attention they hand you the blueprints as they try to sell you their products.

If you have any qualms about copying because you have heard the term plagiarism or similar. Get over it! I’m not talking about plagiarism. I’m talking about copying, or modeling the patterns of profitable marketing funnels and sales letters. I want you to copy the patterns and use them as templates. It’s straightforward and smart!

Do you want a surgeon to copy another surgeon’s successful process or make it up as they go along?

Copywriters, the ones responsible for creating advertisements, use swipe files where they categorize the most successful sales copy ever written.

If you’ve ever read a headline that says, “The secret to…,” “Who else wants to…,” “X number of ways to…,” Or heard the words, “but wait there’s more!” – You were experiencing “borrowed” copy that had been reworded.

So pay attention as I say this:

The quickest, easiest, fastest way to become a marketing superstar, have a profitable business, and experience Internet marketing success is to copy existing profitable marketing funnels and copywriting templates. If they are in your industry, all the better.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Morons reinvent the wheel! Stick to what works!

I learned a long time ago that if you aren’t sure what to do with your marketing, find an offer that works and model (copy) the entire funnel. Then tweak it. Starting from scratch is really hard to make work. Use someone else’s proven system and model it.

Becoming a Marketing Expert

If you want to speed up your success and become a marketing expert, write the words of successful copywriters in long hand for no reason other than to ingrain their language patterns and selling attitude into your mind.

Choose copywriters like Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Gary Bencievinga, or Gene Schwartz – copy their style. Copy their sales letters. Look at the way they use language, write powerful phrases on index cards and create your own swipe file full of headlines, sub headlines and hooks, intros, bullet points, guarantees, testimonials, and more.

Try to figure out why they wrote what they wrote, and why they put one sentence before another.

Copy their words by hand. Then in your own marketing, emulate their language patterns, ideas, and structure.

If you do that, you will quickly become a marketing expert, the envy of other marketers, and rich.

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