Right Brain Left Brain Dominance – Presenting Based On Your Customers Brain Dominance

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Right Brain Left Brain Dominance
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I ALWAYS love to give great presentations and am constantly looking for ways to make my presentations even better! That means, they educate and entertain in the way that is a perfect fit for my customers. I’ve presented everything from garage doors to payroll services, and Internet Strategies to individuals, Small Business owners, Committees and Fortune 500 companies since I was 16.  Some presentations were bad, really bad, and some were so great, I left with a check in hand.

While growing my businesses and presenting my products I decided to further my degree in social psychology, understanding people, their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, it goes right along with my profession and my inherent desire to understand people. One topic in particular, left and right brain dominance, absolutely fascinated me. I quickly realized I could learn a lot about a person just by looking at them and listening to them talk, even over the phone. And then I thought, I could use this in my presentations!

For example, have you ever been presenting your product and noticed the eyes glaze over on your client? Or noticed that every time you try to speak your customer interrupts you with a story? Or had a client say “just give me the summary, a quick bulleted list of what you will do for me, I don’t need the details”?

Knowing  your clients brain dominance will stop the glazed eyes, story interruptions, and proposal redo’s. How? By presenting your product according to your clients brain dominance.

Here are some tips to determine your clients brain dominance:

Right brained people in general:

1. Like to talk

2. Like to hear details

3. Are heavily influenced by their gut reaction

4. Articulate their needs in a detailed descriptive way – using more sensory language than a left brainer will

5. Dress in trendy clothes


Left brained people in general:

1. Like to listen

2. Like to be presented with a summary, they will let you know if they want details

3. Like a structured, organized, set time for a meeting

4. Like to have your full attention when they talk

5. Dress conservatively


Once you have determined your clients brain dominance you will have an advantage when presenting your product. For example, if you determined your potential client is left brain dominant you will know to:


1. Set a time, date, and meeting length for the presentation – have an agenda

2. Provide an executive summary of your product

3. Advise the client to ask for details if they want them

4. Use logic in your presentation

5. Ask at the end of the presentation for questions

6. Sign the proposal or set a time and date to speak again

7. Mark the date and time in your calendar in front of them


These items appeal to a left brain dominant person.  They will conclude that you have provided the necessary tools for them to make a decision in a format they appreciate.


If you have determined that your client is right brain dominant, you will know to:


1. Talk about them

2. Ask them questions

3. Determine what they like about their vacation, their wife, their car, etc. (look for emotions)

4. Tie your product or service benefits back to those emotions they told you they had for the things they love.

5. Smile a lot!

6. Be open, honest and friendly; less professional

7. Speak directly

8. Learn to read the time upside down, on their watch – don’t look at yours


When you present to a right brain dominant person using the above guidelines, they will “like” you and “feel” like you are a perfect match for their needs.


Give brain dominance a try – become aware of it. I think you will find it to be a valuable tool for your success. Once you try it out, let me know how it worked for you!

To help determine brain dominance I recommend determining your brain dominance first, then work on determining the brain dominance of others. I am 9/9 balanced, what’s yours?

Start Here for More Information on Brain Dominance



I will provide more information about brain dominance in upcoming posts.


Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

Entrepreneur, marketer and social psychologist - I help you make the most of your business with marketing, online and offline.

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