Marketing: Are You Doing It Wrong?

toy roads representing like marketing opportunities

Mindwhirl has its roots in the web and the experience we gained from working on client projects in the virtual world forced us to realize that when it comes to marketing, most small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) are doing it wrong.

How can we be so sure? Look at the ads that SME’s are producing.

Seriously! Open the yellow pages or the newspaper or a local penny saver type niche paper and tell me how, from looking at the ad, the business separates itself from its competition.

The truth is, you can’t!

It’s because the ads that SME’s produce are full of commonplace, trivial, boilerplate that doesn’t actually SAY anything. Most often, it just repeats their services. Listen, there are a lot of plumbers out there. Why do you choose one over another?

The truth will shock you!

There are two ways depending upon your personality type.

If you call around for 3 or more quotes, then price will be your determining factor.

If you don’t call around for quotes and you rely on your gut, then you will choose, in order of actual yellow pages results, based upon: the order of the ads (first gets more calls), the picture the ad has in it, the name of the company, the proximity to your location, and name recognition.

There is a better way however. It’s called differentiation!

Differentiation also means competitive advantage. What your company needs is a set of unique features so that your company and products are perceived by the target market as significant and superior to the competition. Differentiation (competitive advantage) is the reason(s) that cause customers to patronize a business and not the competition.

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