Marketing – the Art of Bragging and Educating

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The other day I was watching CNBC and I saw a commercial by a company named Payden & Rygel – an investment firm in Los Angeles, California.

When you think about the demographic they are trying to reach, the commercial is excellent! I’ve only seen it once. I looked around to try and show you the commercial so I could show how well they use emotion and knowledge of their target market to sell themselves. I had a heck of a time finding it. It’s not on their website, and it took 20 minutes of searching to locate it.

Oddly enough, I could easily find a mandarin version of it. It appears it was remade for U.S. Television.

And therein lies the important lesson: When you do something – tell others. Make it public. Make it easy for people to talk about it, and generate some buzz. If it’s good, you win. If it’s bad, you win too. Actually, negative feedback is quite beneficial. That way, companies can know if what they are doing is working or not and they can save money.

That’s why I critique marketing. At the end of the day, it helps the company paying the bills, and the ad agency creative’s because they can see how their message was received.

But if no one knows about you and your company, how will you sell anything? Don’t be shy, get out there and start talking to people. Make something happen!

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Mike Miller is the co-owner of, a Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on aligning sales and marketing for exponentially greater results. Michael’s mission is helping small business owners understand, and organize their marketing so they can make money and grow. Mindwhirl helps business owners plan and implement effective, profitable marketing campaigns and sales programs. If you need more sales, we know how to get leads and grow businesses. Call us today at (770) 295-8660, or email Mike at

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