The Psychology of Sales and Marketing

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Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday Discounts
Marketers are getting advanced. Back in the 60’s and 70’s they simply put out messages and tried to make them clever or funny. That was success at the time. They had no clue about the psychology of sales and marketing.

Not anymore however. Now days, marketers not only know the results their marketing generates, they know the emotional hot buttons they are pushing and they know how you will likely respond to them.

Marketing has integrated with the information learned from the fields of sociology and neuropsychology in recent years. This has made some marketers extremely talented at driving new and repeat sales.

Salesforce Canada put together a very interesting infographic on this very topic. Now, one thing to note is they talk about biases. That’s an educated term for the automatic way humans think and behave. For instance, we humans sometimes blame other humans for not acting logically. That logic bias is funny to those of us who study sociology, NLP, and neuropsychology. Why? Because humans are not, nor have they ever thought or behaved logically. If they did, no one would smoke, drive at high-speeds, or have unprotected sex.

There’s a lot of biases we humans have. I could go on and on about them, but if you want to learn about the major biases that we marketers can use to make more sales, check out this excellent infographic.

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The Psychology of Sales Marketing

Via Salesforce

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

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