2 Quick Tips for Growing Your Business During the Holidays


The holidays are upon us which means added stress for a lot of business owners. Trying to juggle business and family this time of year can seem impossible. You have so much to think about:  you want to continue to grow your business, you need to plan the Christmas party, you  have to send out Christmas cards for both your business and personal contacts, you have to meet with your accountant to get the bonuses checks ready, you need to prepare for the family coming to visit and then finally you have to make sure you get the perfect gift for everyone! [Read more…]

Why your Local Business Needs a Marketing Plan

While most businesses agree that a solid plan is crucial to success, so many fail to create a marketing plan.

Marketing plans are important for many reasons. most notably:

  • You understand how many leads you need to generate in order to meet your business goals.
  • You understand the costs associated with your marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • You have detailed goals that are organized by product, customer segment and/or distribution channel.
  • Your competitive advantage, position, and message are coordinated, thus extremely powerful.
  • You understand your sales process and the flow of business through your company.
  • You have a calendar of events with which, over time, you learn to estimate your cash flow.
  • It’s the instructions employees use to know how to implement the long-term goals of the company. [Read more…]