Marketing is Communication – You are Always Communicating

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Image from Jezebel Magazine July 2012 - Photos by Christina Wedge
Image from Jezebel Magazine July 2012 - Photos by Christina Wedge
Image from Jezebel Magazine July 2012 – Photos by Christina Wedge

The above image is from Jezebel Magazine. Don’t you love it? This guy should realize that there is such a thing as body language.

It’s apparent that he had other things he wanted to do that day. You can almost hear the fight they had right before the picture.

Wife, “Don’t you have any slacks? This is important to me! Put on some pants, tuck your shirt in, wear a belt and take off that stupid wristband!”

Husband, “No, I look fine! Let’s just get this over!”

Where is the love and sense of family in this image?

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! What do your pictures say? When you pay for advertising, your images MUST be congruent with your message. This is a mistake a lot of people make. Don’t do it. You have to control every aspect of your message – even the subconscious message.

Marketing Rule #2: You are always communicating!


Michael Miller

Michael Miller

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