Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – May 30, 2014

Mindwhirl Weekly Marketing Ideas Recap

This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from free images for your blog and social media posts to ideas for getting traffic to your website.

1. Everyone knows that pictures make everything more interesting but sometimes you don’t have the time to take a picture or find one that you took back when. Check out these free image sources to add interest to your posts.

>> 53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts READ ARTICLE HERE

2. Time is one of the most valuable things we have. Here is a list of 30 ideas to help you be successful in life.

>> 30 Things You Need To Know To Be Successful In Life – Life is short. This advice will help you make the most of it. READ ARTICLE HERE

3. John Schnatter of Papa John Pizza points out that when you value your customers first the success and growth of your company will follow.

>> Why ‘Papa’ John Schnatter Still Runs His Pizza Empire Like a Small Business – The right ingredients for success don’t change as your company scales. READ ARTICLE HERE

4. Need more traffic to your website? Here are 39 great ideas to get potential customers to your website.

>> 39 Actionable Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website READ ARTICLE HERE

5. Most companies spend loads of time and money to get a customer and then once they do, they stop marketing to them. Stopping the marketing because you sold the customer is the wrong way to think about marketing your business. After all, you got the customer because they like you and your products which makes it simple to share with them your other products and services to provide them with even more value. Here are some great ideas to make the most of your existing customers.

>> Why Marketing Doesn’t End at the Sale – Customer Obsessed Lifecycle Marketing READ ARTICLE HERE

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