Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – May 2, 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from mobile apps, getting press, the answer to life and rebranding the same product.

1. In this day and age every time you hear a neighbor, friend, fellow business owner or even family member mention and new technology you think you better check into, you must see if it’s something your business needs to be a part of. But does your business really need to be in EVERY segment of the marketplace. This article will help you decide if your business really needs a mobile app.

>> Does your business need a mobile app? Maybe, but they’re not for everyone READ ARTICLE HERE

2. I’m a big believer in press for your business and especially if it can be done with a minimal investment of cash and time. This gigantic article explains how you can get press for your business.

>> The Hacker’s Guide to Getting Press READ ARTICLE HERE

3. Here’s a look at 13 successful entrepreneurs thoughts on what they wish they had of known 5 years ago. Good read to help guide us business owners into what we should be thinking about for the future.

>> What These 13 Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Knew 5 Years Ago READ ARTICLE HERE

4. Sometimes life’s big questions can be answered so simply – but we refuse to understand and take in the obvious. So here’s an INFOGRAPHIC that visually answers a huge question that business owners ask themselves frequently about their lives and the decisions they make daily in their business without any confusion.

>> One HUGE Question Answered Simply In An [INFOGRAPHIC ] READ ARTICLE HERE

5. Would changing the verbiage on your product make a difference to your sales? How about changing the packaging? See what Clinique did to one of their long time existing products.

>> New Acne Treatment From Clinique – A Product Gets a New Name, New Marketing and Isn’t Just for Teens

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