Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – June 6, 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from making the most of Google Chrome extensions to the habits of the famous writers.

1. Browsers have come a long way since the late 90s when Internet Explorer and Netscape came out. Now you can customize your browser set up and install extensions that will help you with your business analytics.

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2. As you know, copywriting is a big part of the success of your business, whether writing blog posts, sales collateral or press releases you need to make time for copywriting in your business. Here are some sleeping habits of writers to help you get the most of your writing time.

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3. There are many tasks screaming for our attention these days, as a business owner, it can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to focus on the things you are great at.

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4. Going with the theme of this week’s Marketing Ideas Weekly Recap, copywriting ideas and spending time on the things you love, starting a blog in your spare time to help with your writing skills or to relax and enjoy a hobby is a great way to get the practice and downtime you need to recharge for a new day. Here is 6 easy steps to start a travel blog, you can use these same tips to start a blog for basically any topic.

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5. It’s important to focus on the things that are most important and to know when and if it’s time to give up on something that just isn’t working, is wasting too much time, or is just simply not providing you with the benefits you had hoped for.

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