Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – June 27, 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from Facebook Ad Spend, SEO for your Blog, Marketing for Mobile, and Content Marketing.

1. Have you been considering running ad campaigns on Facebook? The data provided in this article will help you understand how spending the right dollar amount on your ads is key to profiting from all your hard work and money you spend advertising on Facebook. The article provides a sweet spot chart to help you completely understand what must be done to make the most from your buck.

>> New Study Charts Influence Of Facebook Ad Spend On Paid Search Conversions READ ARTICLE HERE

2. Creating a blog and it is just the beginning of content creation. Besides writing great content, being consistent about delivering the content, and sharing it to as many channels as possible you must work on the Search Engine Optimization of the post as well. If you don’t, you will not get the most of your posts. In this article you will find an SEO checklist to use for your blog posts.

>> Blogging: An On-Page SEO Checklist READ ARTICLE HERE

3. Do you keep up with your company’s local marketing? Have you searched on your company in Google to see what you find? Have customers written reviews about your business? Is the information provided in the Search results accurate? This video and slideshow give you ideas for your local marketing and well as what the future holds.

>> VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Place Of Humans In Local Marketing READ ARTICLE HERE

4. You may not have to convince your marketing department that creating new content is important for you company but answering using the 10 steps provided in this article will help you decide what content you should create for you company and provide you with a program to put it in place.

>> Kick Off Successful Content Marketing with a Pilot Program: 10 Steps READ ARTICLE HERE


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