Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – June 20, 2014

Marketing Ideas Weekly Recap June 20, 2014

This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from being number one on Google to smiling for the camera.

1. Did you know that you can partner with people in your industry or even outside your industry to share content? Many companies and professionals are partnering to gain a bigger audience and get their products and services to new audiences. This article provides some great ideas on how to make meaningful relationships with others to spread the word about you!

>> Meaningful Marketing: How to Create Real Connections and Drive Sales Read more at  READ ARTICLE HERE

2. I was recently on my way to a networking event and realized I hadn’t said my elevator pitch out load in a while and decided to start going over it on the ride to the event. I was surprised about how many times I had to go over it before it sounded understandable, accurate, and came out succinctly when I spoke it. * note to self, it’s a good thing to practice your elevator speech/pitch often, not just minutes before an event * If you do not have an elevator pitch or think yours needs some brushing up this article will give you some ideas of what not to do.

>> 3 Reasons Your Elevator Pitch is Leaving People Confused Read more at READ ARTICLE HERE


3. Everywhere you turn someone has advice for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you, your neighbor, a colleague, the tech guy at your leads group meeting, the sales calls you get at work, the recorded messages left on your voice mail, and the postcards in the mail, all promising you that SEO is simply getting you to number one on Google. People think that if they throw enough buzz words at you like Google, keywords, ppc, local search, etc. you will hire them to do something. This list will help you decipher some SEO myths and at the very least help you to understand if what you are being told is a load of crap.

>> SEO Myths 27 Experts Say to Stop Buying READ ARTICLE HERE

4. Sure yours kids and your nieces and nephews are on Instagram but should you be? This article answers many common questions about Instagram, what it is, it’s users, how to use it, and if you should be using it. You just may find you have an advantage to using Instagram.

>> Instagram for Business: 12 Answers to the Biggest Questions About Timing, Hashtags, and More READ ARTICLE HERE


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