Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – April 18 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from how men and women use mobile and social media to the psychological price of entrepreneurship.

1. This infographic shows the differences in the way men and women use mobile and social. If your customers use mobile or social check out the infographic below to see if you can optimize your viewer experience.

>> How Men and Women Use Mobile and Social Media Differently (INFOGRAPHIC)  READ ARTICLE HERE

2. I am sure most of you have read Think and Grow Rich. In this article, Greg S. Reid shows how he applies the principles from Think and Grow Rich to his success today.

>>Napoleon Hill’s Legacy  READ ARTICLE HERE

3. Have you ever lost a client and thought it would be impossible to get them back? Have you ever left a company because you were unhappy with the product or service you received? Here are some ideas on how to get those clients back and some strategies for solving these problems in the future before they happen at all. 

>> A Plan To Win Clients Back After Missteps READ ARTICLE HERE


4. You know those pesky CAPTCHA’s on some of the websites that you visit?  It’s when you have to prove you are human by entering the numbers and letters into the field – the numbers and letters you can hardly read? Find out how Google stumbled upon a technology by using one of their other technologies and then think about the products and services you own and if they can serve other markets.

>> New Google Street View Technology Can Decode CAPTCHA Security Tests Better Than Humans READ ARTICLE HERE

5. It’s no surprise that the psychological demands on an entrepreneur are great, it’s a price worth paying for the awesome benefits. However, it’s always nice to know that you are not alone in your journey to greatness.

>> The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship READ ARTICLE HERE

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