Weekly Web Recap of Marketing Ideas – April 11 2014


This week’s web recap of marketing ideas includes everything from why colors matter in your product designs to the price that bad customer service actually costs.

1. See how color affects the purchasing decisions of buyers and get some ideas on what colors you should choose for your packaging or products. Color does make a difference!

>> Why Facebook Is Blue: The Science of Colors in Marketing READ ARTICLE HERE

2. Here are 4 simple steps to live your dreams. You may be asking, why is this article in a marketing ideas weekly recap? Because I am sure, like me, your life is wrapped up in your business and your happiness, health, and relationships mingle with your day-to-day business life. When you are living your dreams in all aspects of your life, your business and your customers get to reap the rewards of your happiness as well.

>> 4 Simple Steps to Live Your Dreams READ ARTICLE HERE

3. We all know the importance of creating great content for our business, and we all know how time consuming it can be. So here’s 12 ways to extend the life of every article you write and repurpose the content.

>> The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content: 12 Ways to Extend the Life of Every Article You Write READ ARTICLE HERE

4. How well is your company’s customer service? Here is an infographic that tracks down the costs of how much bad customer service could really be costing you.

>> What Bad Customer Service Costs Your Business [INFOGRPAHIC]  READ ARTICLE HERE

5. Have an innovating idea and are thinking about creating it? Experts say that going with your gut is the answer. In the article, How Innovation Happens, experts provide the answers on how to innovate, complete with slideshows on the truths of breakthroughs as well as getting your innovation funded.

>> How Innovation Happens READ ARTICLE HERE

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