Marketing Example – Our Time Dating Website for Singles Over 50 Thirty Second Spot

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Marketing Example – Our Time Dating Website

On January the 2nd I started noticing a bunch of dating website commercials on TV. After doing some research I found out that January 2 is the biggest day for dating websites, I had no idea. One 30 second dating website commercial in particular stood out the most, it was spot with “Kristie and Terry” The commercial caught my attention because of the first words out of the female’s mouth: 

Kristie: It was really nice to find somebody that was my age that wasn’t looking for somebody that was 35 years old.

I knew immediately that this one statement by “Kristie” included a problem and solution for women her age.

The rest of the television commercial goes on to say:

Terry: I wanted to be able to walk through the nuances that only someone in your generation is going to relate to. (I do not like this statement, it could be better)

Kristie: The first “I love you” definitely came from him and it was pretty quick.

Terry: I kinda knew right away this was who I wanted.

Kristie: He’s intelligent and he has a very nice body.

Announcer: the largest dating site for singles over 50. Start today for free

I decided to go to the website and found information on the about page. Like the television commercial, the text is very specific. It describes the problems/fears, and the benefits and solutions for a person over 50 looking for a relationship. The website is well thought-out and understands the needs of people “celebrating this exciting chapter in their lives” looking for a relationship with someone their age. The website includes research and statistics that show how valuable a relationship is to a person over 50 during their happiest and most fulfilling years.

On a scale from 1 – 10 I give the commercial an 8. The commercial is going after a specific target market with a real problem. The commercial engages and interrupts the viewer who has this specific problem, finding a relationship with a person their age. The reason the commercial is not a 10 is because it does not explicitly say that it’s a dating site for people 50 an older.

The take-away from the Our Time commercial and website is: know your customer, understand their problem and give a solution. Being able to do this with your product or service and communicate it in 30 seconds is brilliant!

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Shelly Miller

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5 thoughts on “Marketing Example – Our Time Dating Website for Singles Over 50 Thirty Second Spot”

  1. I find the woman in this commercial incredible annoying. She spends a lot of time hinting at what a catch she is while the man seems rather stunned into submission.

    1. Yes, very annoying. I wonder if he finally dumped her because she is very old and unattractive for a really good looking man who most likely could get a woman 20 years younger.

  2. Why are you all focused on their physical appearances only. Someone attractive can’t be with someone less attractive or vice versa? Looks do not create happiness. This couple seems to have a genuine connection and appear quite content with each other. Why not focus on the good? Why do people always try to be hurtful or negative??? If this was you, and people jumped in with the insults and negativity, would you not be hurt or offended? You don’t even know these people and you’re insulting them and judging them. Dare to be kind. 🙂

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