Doing it Wrong – KFC’s New Tag Line

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KFC logo and tagline "Today Tastes So Good"

KFC logo and tagline "Today Tastes So Good"

I don’t know how new KFC’s current tag line is, but I just saw it yesterday.

“Today Tastes So Good”

Anyone understand this? Anyone else think this could have been a lot better? It’s just nonsensical! Is today edible? I wonder what today tastes like?

I can come up with 5 better (not great, but better) tag lines in 10 minutes! Go!

  • Tasty Chicken
  • Quality Chicken
  • Your Family, Our Focus
  • Family Meals Done Right
  • Famous Chicken
  • Fast, Hot, Delicious
  • A Century of Family Meals
  • Home of The Colonel’s Secret Recipe

OK, I got 8 in 10 minutes. See, it’s not hard to come up with tag lines that are decent. I guess cryptic ones take more time.

The odd thing is that, an ad agency copywriter probably came up with “Today Tastes So Good,” then the ad agency owners had to get behind it, and pitch it to KFC, where the KFC execs had to buy into it and approve it.

Did not one person think that it didn’t make sense?

Here’s the thing – KFC owns one of the greatest tag lines of all time.

Say it with me:

“It’s Finger Licking Good”

This makes sense, everyone knows it and recognizes it as KFC. After years and years of “It’s Finger Licking Good’ and all the money invested telling us that KFC is “Finger Licking Good” and all of the mindshare that they have created in our subconscious minds, they scrap it for …

“Today Tastes So Good”

Chick-Fil-A bounced around with tag lines until they hit upon the cows and has had “Eat More Chickin” since 1995. That’s 16 years.  It works.

”It’s Finger Licking Good” works too – and it’s a proven winner.

The constant desire to change everything came from successes from Coca-Cola, Proctor and Gamble and others.

P&G found that Tide sales over a customer’s lifetime ebb and flow. Customer’s would buy Tide for about 3 months, and then look around at another brand or two and compare them to Tide for 6 months or so.

P&G realized that if they change the formula, the packaging, or something about the box or the product every 3 months, it would extend the time a customer would continue buying Tide to 6 months to a year before they looked around at other brands. The frequent changes also drew the old customers back.

Coca-Cola has had lots of tag lines over the years: “the Pause That Refreshes,” “The Real Thing,” “Always,” etc. They seem to change them every decade or so. I don’t know why … yet. Since they are global, they have many different tag lines in use at any given time. I highly doubt they can attribute sales ROI to the changes in tag lines.

Humans are creatures of habit. Once we decide on something, we don’t rethink it until there is a need to do so. I can best sum it up like this:

Humans like new things, but they don’t like to change.

If I was advising KFC, I would tell them to go back to “It’s Finger Licking Good” and focus on marketing a “new” product and keep hitting the familiarity and heritage of the brand.

They might also work on the mashed potato’s, they taste a little like paper.

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

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