Finding Email Marketing Campaign Ideas in Unlikely Places

Last weekend the US was covered in bitter cold, parts still are. They say it was the coldest it’s been in over 40 years. Even here in Georgia, as far south as it is, the temperatures plummeted to around  5 degrees. Everyone’s furnaces were working overtime to keep up with the demands to keep the cold out. 

I was mesmerized by the images from news outlets and family and friends showing the affects of the bitter cold. To put things into perspective, take a look at the images of Niagara Falls. While still beautiful, even in its frozen glory, you can see how bitter cold it is.

I checked in with family and friends to make sure everyone was warm. While talking with my dad, he mentioned off-hand,  “at least there is only 71 days until spring.” It made me smile, in the middle of the bitter cold, he found a way to stay positive .

I started thinking about how all of us could use something uplifting to help us get through the cold days of winter and realized just how many businesses could use a “Count down until Spring” email campaign.

With some of the businesses Mindwhirl consults with alone, I came up with the following email marketing campaigns:

1. Boutique: An email sent every day counting down the number of days until spring displaying an image of new spring clothing.

2. Nursery: An email sent every day counting down the number of days until spring with tips and things you can do right now to get your plants ready for spring such as repotting indoor plants, how to add humidity, soil types to use, and what you should be feeding your plants.

3. Travel: An email sent every day counting down the number of days until spring with travel ideas on how to escape the cold right now or value trips to take in the spring once the cold is gone.

4. Author: Use the number of days until spring countdown along with the number of days until your next book release (we have two authors with Spring book release dates)

Could the “Count down until Spring” marketing campaign work for your business? Does the cold weather prompt any ideas of ways to market your company right now?  Remember, you can glean ideas for marketing your company from the most unlikely of places, see what you can come up with.

My “Count down until Spring” campaign idea came from the picture you see above,  a glimpse of the bitter cold taken by my dad of his yard on Monday, BRRRR!

I’ll take the 47 degrees and the sounds of Cancun Lounge – Chillout in Paradise on Pandora in my office any day to the freezing temps of the Northern US.  Here’s looking forward to Spring, only 68 days away!

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