How to Get Customers on Demand GUIDE

How to get customers on demand Guide
Brand New Release: How to Get Customers on Demand GUIDE Now Available – By Michael Miller

How to Get Customers on Demand – GUIDE Get it Now
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Marketing: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Marathon Runners

Are you ready to take a stand for your business and be the leader you know you can be?

I mentioned in my post “An Honest Look at the Future of Your Business” how most business owners are “doing business” is wrong, weak, and ineffective.

I also mentioned that if they could see what the future holds, they would be more than a little anxious about their ability to keep their business afloat.

It’s a false sense of security to think that everything has already changed and we are settling in for the long haul now. Because, in fact, all the changes that will forever affect the way we do business are just getting started … and Apple pay and Samsung pay are just footnotes to the real change headed our way.
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Finding Email Marketing Campaign Ideas in Unlikely Places

Last weekend the US was covered in bitter cold, parts still are. They say it was the coldest it’s been in over 40 years. Even here in Georgia, as far south as it is, the temperatures plummeted to around  5 degrees. Everyone’s furnaces were working overtime to keep up with the demands to keep the cold out.  [Read more…]

Should You Use Emotions to Sell Your Products?

Image credit: Publix supermarket 2013 Holiday commercial

Here in the Southeast we have a supermarket called Publix.  Publix does a brilliant job of evoking emotions in their television ads, especially around the holidays. The commercials pull you right in, as if you are standing in the kitchen, decorating cookies with the kids, putting lights on the tree, getting the turkey out of the oven and waiting on grandma and grandpa to arrive at your house for the holiday festivities to begin.  The commercials get better and better every year. They completely touch your heart, make you smile and remind you to start planning what you will be making for your holiday dinner.  [Read more…]

The benefit of target marketing – the ability to speak directly to your buyer

Sparkle Fairy

How many of you purchased Sparkle paper towels over the last 3 weeks? Did you realize that Sparkle created a new ad campaign with the “sparkle fairy”. I saw the commercial on tv and thought, I haven’t used Sparkle for a long time, went to the store a couple days later and what did I find? Sparkle, on sale. I bought it and realized I had forgotten how much I like Sparkle paper towels.

The sparkle fairy brought up an interesting point in the commercial: why do you need a paper towel that holds a bowling ball? Hum, never thought of that, why do I? It’s been years since any paper towel, cheap or expensive has disintegrated while I was using it, who cares if it holds a bowling ball?

In the commercial the sparkle fairy is at the grocery store, in the paper towel aisle, and is posing the question to a woman roughly my age.

What did Sparkle paper towels do so well? They targeted their market and “spoke” directly to me, umm them, in their sales messages.

Targeting your market gives you the ability to “speak” directly to the people who will buy.

Do you know your target market? Do you implement target marketing campaigns in your business? Would you like to learn more about how to identify who your target market is? We’d love to show you, contact us or email us at to discuss how we can help you find your target market.